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Title:100 Days Free to Play!

A Guide to Starting Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming spent 100 Days upgrading a new F2P account in CoC. Attack strategies are taught for a variety of Town Hall levels and this video aims to help provide you with an upgrade guide, especially if you are Free to Play. Whether you're a new or more advanced player there is a wide range of tips in this video to help you. This video is my biggest project to date with over 500 hours of combined work, so I hope you like it. Clash On! Suggested Videos: 100 Days to Fix a Rushed Base: I Beat Clash of Clans with a BROKEN Account: Join 'The Dojo' to gain Exclusive Perks by becoming a Member of the Judo Sloth Gaming YT Channel: Thank you for using Code 'Judo' in Clash of Clans to support me: My Clash of Clans Playlists Clash Explained: Base Upgrading Advice: Tip for Everything Series: Watch my Livestreams on Twitch and Facebook: TWITCH ► FACEBOOK ► Follow me on Social Media: TWITTER ► INSTAGRAM ► DISCORD ► #ClashOfClans #CoC #ClashOfClansAttacks ► Judo Sloth Gaming is a mobile gaming channel focused on Clash of Clans. You will see a variety of videos focused on being Educational but Entertaining! You will find Informational Guides on Everything in CoC. Attack Strategies, 3 Star Attacks, Farming or Upgrade Advice, Lets Play and Update News - you'll want to Subscribe to see it all. Clash On!


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