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Title:5 Myths about Female Orgasm ( in hindi and urdu) संतुष्टि का राज़ | Dr Neha Mehta

There are many pervading myths and a lot of mystery around what is true and what is not true about female orgasm. First, we talk about the sexual response cycle. The first phase of the sexual response cycle (the phases are true for men and women) is the excitement phase. In this phase, the woman experiences increased blood pressure in the vaginal walls and lubrication. The plateau stage is the second phase where the muscles in the vaginal area experience swelling. The actual orgasm is the third phase, which consists of a number of muscular contractions. After the climax, women reach the fourth phase, or resolution period, with the relaxation of muscles and return to normal breathing. Here are some of the most common myths and misconceptions regarding female orgasms. 1. If a female doesn’t reach orgasm, she doesn’t want to- There is also a myth about female orgasms that if a female does not reach orgasm, it means she does not want to reach. Yes mentally sometimes she can get upset. Maybe they don't want to do. There are also many medical issues due to which women are not able to reach orgasm. 2. Doing Penetrative Sex- There is also a myth associated with a female orgasm that only by having penetrative sex, the female will feel orgasm. It’s a myth that females get orgasms through vaginal sex. Orgasm can also come from clitoris stimulation. 3. Orgasms come from clitoris stimulation- It’s not important Orgasms come from clitoris stimulation. Sometimes, Vaginal stimulation also helps to reach orgasm 4. Nipple Stimulation also helps in Orgasm- Nipple Stimulation can also help in Orgasm. Love bites can also help to reach an orgasm. It is not necessary that only having sex causes orgasm for a female. 5. Due to the small penis of the male partner, the female cannot reach orgasm- It is not necessary that if a man's penis is big then only females reach orgasm, It's just a myth that a small penis doesn't make a woman orgasm. So these are the 5 Myth Related to Female Orgasm Hi, Thank you for visiting this channel. Dr Neha Mehta is a Registered Consultant Psychologist, a Motivational Speaker, and a well-known Parent Coach. She is the youngest leading Psychologist in Haryana. She holds amazing knowledge in the field of psychology Dr Neha Mehta is also a Gold Medalist, National Youtuber, and Blogger. Her Videos and Live Sessions are being appreciated by viewers all over the globe She has trained more than 5000 interns and is verse with marital therapy, sexual therapy, CBT, EFT, and child counselling. Some of the Areas of expertise are Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Autism, Marriage Counseling, Sexual Counselling, Schizophrenia, etc. Currently, she owns her own Clinic in Hisar, Haryana, and runs an online Mental Health portal My Fit Brain. Thanks Dr Neha Mehta Consultant Psychologist My Website:- Like My Facebook Page:- Follow Me on Instagram:- Book an Appointment- Now you can Book an appointment session with Dr Neha Mehta from the android app 'Dr Neha Mehta' too. Here you can get access to ✔️ 100% Secure Counselling ✔️ Chat, Audio & Video Modes ✔️ Card/wallet Payment options ✔️Free Blogs & Videos ✔️ Save the time of travelling to the clinic You are requested to please install it on your device and give a rating on Google Play Store. Link- Channel Managed By- Digital Chaabi


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