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Title:How To Use PGP Encryption | gpg4win Kleopatra Tutorial

Learn how to use PGP encryption to send encrypted messages to anyone. Use gpg4win with Kleopatra to encrypt any message within minutes. PGP encryption can be confusing at first but let me take you step by step so you can send your first encrypted message after this video. 👉 Get a FREE 30 Day Trial To Amazon Prime: How To Decrypt PGP Messages: First download Kleopatra Kleopatra Download: Once you have Kleopatra, make a new key pair. Be sure to save your secret key so you can import everything back into Kleopatra should it uninstall or you use another computer. Once setup you simply need to import the PGP key of the person you want to send the encrypted message. Write out the message in a text editor and copy the message to your clipboard. Then encrypt that message to the PGP key you imported earlier. It's that simple! It may take a minute to actually understand what to do but once you've done it a couple of times you can do all the steps within 30 seconds. If you've got any questions regarding how to use PGP encryption or Kleopatra then put them in the comments and I'll help you at. If this video helped, leave a like and subscribe for more tutorials!


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