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Title:Amiga 500 Plus with battery damage and an unexpected expansion

I always do what I can to try and help the local community with their Amiga woes and when one local user reached out looking help with his battery damaged Amiga 500 Plus, well I said I'd do what I can. Not just as bad as some but the battery has spread its contents over a fair bit of the board and there is some damage to repair but that's not the only surprise this machine is hiding. Something called an Vortex AT-ONCE is hiding in the CPU slot and Gary looks like he's made a tower to escape the battery poison. Featuring the voice talents of @MoreFunMakingIt and @RoseTintedSpectrum. Make sure to check out both their fantastic channels. CRG Twitter - CRG Patreon - CRG Discord - Music - Cathode Ray Gun by @Momentvm Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:36 Lifting the lid 03:53 Testing the chipset and accessories 06:52 Assessing the battery damage 10:26 Inspection after the cleaning 12:10 Removals 13:58 Dealing with the corrosion, breaks and exposed copper 17:23 Trace repair 18:34 Recap A500+ 22:21 Recap PSU 23:35 Testing U10, U11, U12, U13 26:28 First test 28:34 Vortex ATonce investigation 32:49 Vortex ATonce testing 37:07 Will it run a game? 39:59 Did it need recapped? 44:01 Conclusion 46:02 Credits 46:51 The silly bit


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