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Title:Engage Maddening 0% Growth Efficiency: Pact Ring Paralogue

Playlist: Turn: 4 Total: 88 Staff: Rewarp 1/10 Warp 1/15 Rescue 1/20 Entrap 1/6 (total use for this chapter is 1rewarp 3warp 5Rescue) Cook: +4Spd +1Mag +1Res Total Ingot cost: 1780 Iron 206 Steel 66 Silver Gacha bond ring: S Dieck, 2 S Eliwood, 2 S Claude, 1 S Lilina, 1 S Mia, 1 S Mae. 1 S Ryoma Donation: Firene/Brodia/Solm/Elusia: 2/3/2/2 Statbooster: Mauvier - 1 Dracoshield 1 Talisman (not necessary) This map has every challenges and tools so far, and it's not disappointing. Tactical nuke, Sigurd line deletion, Lucina tagging team with Marth, and the fabled Leif enemy phase god are all here. One of the more prominent issues to address first is how to reach kill benchmarks, because everyone here is tanky and fast. For Panette, she unlocks her new power thanks to Revanche +5, allowing her to crit kill everything except Generals. Meanwhile, Killer Bow+5 is decent against magic users and doggos, but not thieves. Coincidentally, the top area only has one general; so long as this one receives special treatment, then the entire upper half is free for Panette. The bottom half is a lot more troublesome. There are a 4 bars boss, 3 generals, 3 monks aka magic generals, and two 3-range units. Veyle is the second primary fighter here, thanks to her relatively high base. With additional skill and boosters, she can destroy every non magic users. There's a reason Marth has poor availability; just look at how half an attack destroys the vicinity. Of course, she needs help from a Lucina user, who is Mauver. Yes, his final form is simply riding doggo to have enough speed not to get doubled while providing support and bonded shield for Veyle. He also has high base Def/Res and micaiah forge just to make sure nobody thinks about targetting him. Veyle will have trouble fighting magic users, so they receive special attention like that lone general as well. 3 monks spawn in a line behind a boss, so a decent Sigurd user should be sufficient. Enters George Kagetsu. Mage knights spawn in a cluster, so I plant a small Saphir nuke to make sure they evaporate ASAP. The longbow one's solution is quite simple, I just freeze to make sure he can't take advantage of his superior range. Speaking of Saphir, her presence will make the map slightly asymmetrical, and I'll show you why it's a positive thing. Firstly, I initially wanted 4 doggos to converge at the top middle, but 2 further ones can only attack Panette on a single tile after a turn, which is highly contested against monks and halberdiers. Thanks to Saphir, one right most doggo will run down instead of left, which allows more available space to deploy Panette. Secondly, there's no way to plant Veyle and Mauvier in a straight vertical line, so a particular right most hero won't reach her. This is a blessing in disguise, because the area must be kept safe as long as possible. One hero going around will delay his distance to the central area a turn longer, barely enough to be dealt with. Saphir and Pandreo are tasked with defeating the thieves as well, because Killer Bow Panette can't hurt them. A simple fracture following with a Silver Greataxe is sufficient. I spoke of the central area earlier, but not its importance. Sure, Panette and Veyle are strong, but each turn they require additional "rally" from Alear's dragon-type instruct. Therefore, a recurrent theme of this map is to buff them, then send them away, then fetch them, buff again, then send them out again until the map ends. Of course, enemies won't play nice and be where I want. Some rewinds are required to make sure they move where I want, especially enemy phase 2: 1. The bottom right most Hero will initially hug the ice pillar, but a rewind will make him go around it. It doesn't make the distance to Pandreo shorter, but instead Panette would be within its range on turn 3. 2. Wolf Knights: I want the left ones and the upper right one to converge in the middle, while the other goes down. Initially, all of them will go down, but one rewind will fix it. For whatever reason, every rewind will make them comply. If you keep rewinding, the last doggo may go to the middle area. 3. Right side Bow Knights may require multiple rewinds to make them go left. 4. Left side MK: They may split up during EP3 like this video, or both of them can go down instead. In this case, Panette will shoot the nearer one, then get warped. Kagetsu takes care of the other.


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