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Title:God’s prophets make no mistake | William Branham

Now listen. Maybe this will help you. Listen close. When you take God’s Word, and follow God’s Word, there is many times, that, after you’ve already done all you can do, your faith is put to a test. There nobody here but home folks. I’m standing on that ground right now. That’s right. I don’t know what to do. The revival is over. You see? I don’t know where the next call is. I’m just—just standing, nervously looking, wondering what’s next. 180 Noah went in. He followed the will of God. God shut the door behind him, but it never rained for seven more days. Wonder what Noah thought, all that time in there? Noah setting in the ark, the door shut. He thought, “Just any time, children, you’ll hear it. We’ll pull the door, the lid up here on top.” They was up on the top floor, you know. The animals on the bottom, the birds in the next, and they was on top. That sun…“Oh, in the morning, there’ll be—there’ll be something over there, a darkening, the rain will come.” But, the next morning, up come the sun. 181 Maybe some people, that kind of half way believed Noah, might have went up there and stood around the ark, said, “You know what? That old man might have been right. We better stand here.” Well, then they “seen a mistake.” God’s prophets make no mistake. God’s Word can’t fail. 182 You heard me preach on, about Jonah going to Nineveh. They said he was backslidden. He sure wasn’t. He was right in the will of God. Exactly. He had the Word of the Lord, and he walked in It. 62-0531 - The Conflict Between God And Satan Rev. William Marrion Branham #jonah #nineveh #prophetofgod #williammarrionbranham #therapturingfaith #onlybelieve #thirdexodusassembly #believerstestimonies #noah #ark #baptism #voiceofgodrecordings #jesusname


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