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Title:You Have A $100,000 Product In Your Head (One Person Business Series)

Another One Person Business video as requested. This time, we're talking about how to package up the knowledge in your head into a profitable product. If you've been improving yourself, you have value to share. In this video, I present a 7-step method to finding, testing, validating, and creating a product from the information you've acquired over time. Writing & Content Course: Digital Economics is open for enrollment: Business Strategy Library & Private Community (Join For $5): The Koe Letter: Listen To The Koe Cast: 10X Your Creative Output (free): The Power Planner (free): Previous videos mentioned: The One Person Business Model (How To Productize Yourself): The Rise Of The Value Creator (A Career Path For Polymaths & Self Improvers): How I Remember Everything I Learn: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn: 0:00 Attention Isn't The New Currency 8:42 My Story (Cliff Notes Version) 12:13 How To Get Value Out Of Your Head 16:51 What Is The Highlight Of Your Day? 18:09 Who Are You following And What Are They Selling? 18:55 If You Haven't Started, You Need To Be Decisive 22:26 Become Above Average In Select Skills Or Interests 24:14 Build Something With Those Skills Every Day 25:10 Document Your Learnings, Discoveries, & Results 25:45 Experiment For Holistic Understanding 29:44 Iterate On Your Process For Efficiency & Results 31:54 Steal Marketing & Structure That Already Works 34:21 Build Distribution & Systemize Promotions Video title ideas (for the algo!): How to create a profitable info product for your personal brand The best way to create a unique product in a saturated market How to productize the knowledge in your head #OnePersonBusiness #ValueCreator #CreatorEconomy


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