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Title:불면증에 좋은 최고의 빗소리 10분이내 수면 백색소음 자장가 ASMR | Rain Sounds For Sleeping, White Noise

Best Rain Sounds For Insomnia, Sleeping Within 10 Minutes Of Rain White Noise Lullaby ASMR Best sound for insomnia Sleeping within 10 minutes of rain White Noise Lullaby ASMR The gentle sound of rain in the deep forest on a rainy day. It is the sound of sleeping rain that makes you fall asleep with the soft sound of rain. It's a good video to listen to when you're not sleeping, and it's also a good video for studying intensively. The channel's rain sound video was created to improve insomnia and provide peace of mind and relaxation. If you listen to the sound of rain before going to sleep, it will help you fall asleep. It is continuously produced for those who suffer from insomnia. Other study music for concentration You can use it as a sound for relaxation when reading and meditating. To help all subscribers who are looking for the channel I will make a new video. Have a happy time! ▶All video sound of the channel is recorded and edited by yourself. Video and audio are recorded directly in nature and on site, and are recorded directly during the editing process. Editing is completed into a unique video by adding audio, photo, and video. © Channel Relax Sleep ASMR.2021. All rights reserved. Any reproduction or publication of all or part of this video/audio is prohibited. Reproduction of all or part of this video and audio is prohibited. #rainsounds #rain #gentlerain


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