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Title:Don't WASTE Your MONEY! iPad Pro M4 vs iPad Air M2 Explained

Thanks to Paperlike for Sponsoring this video! Buy Paperlike here: OTHER GEAR IN THIS VIDEO IS LISTED BELOW 👇 Check out the latest M4 iPad Pro and M2 iPad Air! Apple’s new 2024 iPads offer a slew of new features and accessories, enhancing user experience for both general and niche use cases. Dive into a detailed comparison between the iPad Pro M4 and the iPad Air M2 to help you choose the right model and accessories without wasting your money. Buy The M4 iPad Pro here: Buy The M2 iPad Air here: Accessories: Pro Magic Keyboard: Air Magic Keyboard: Apple Pencil Pro: Apple USB-C Pencil: Download My Latest Wallpaper Pack HERE: I monitor and manage all my macs with CleanMyMac X: MY MAIN SETUP GEAR: M3 MacBook Air | MacBook Pro M3 Pro | Humancentric Vertical Laptop Stand | Effydesk Wildwood Standing Desk | Effydesk Deskshelf | Apple Studio Display | Walnut Headphone Stand | Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro Headphones | CalDigit TS4 USB Hub | Samsung 980 Pro SSD | ZikeDrive USB4 SSD Enclosure: Logitech MX Master 3S Mouse | Apple Magic Keyboard with TouchID | Orbitkey Desk Mat & Keyholder | Olanglab Wood Slat Panels | UMIAcoustics Wood Slats | Lamomo LED Neon Rope | Grid Studio iPhone Classic Kit | Mandalorian Lego Figures | MUSIC I USE IN MY VIDEOS IS ALL FROM EPIDEMIC SOUND Get a free month with the link below: LINKS TO PRODUCTS CONTAIN AFFILIATE LINKS By using the affiliate links, I earn a small fee from any purchase you make. It won't cost you anything to use them. By clicking them it helps support me, and create more content for you. Thank you for the support! _______________________________ 00:00 | Intro 01:22 | Design 02:57 | Displays 05:43 | Paperlike 06:34 | Apple Pencil Pro 07:44 | Performance 10:10 | Cameras 12:14 | Wireless Connectivity 12:38 | Accessories 13:10 | Other Stuff 13:37 | Wrapping Up #apple #ipadpro #ipadair


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