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Title:The Best Way To Confess Your Sins#williambranham #abraham @TheRapturingFaith777 #forgiveness

61 Even to our confessions! Now, I want you people that are coming, or here and hold…or on the—the tape, I want you to listen close now for a moment to this quotation. It—it… 62 Unless you are deeply sincere! And you cannot be sincere until you’re positive understand. If you’re presuming, or guessing, or hoping so, then there cannot be a depths of sincerity that God requires. It, faith, is not a “hope so” or “it could be right.” It’s got to be absolutely “Amen!” It’s your ultimate. It—it—it’s your—it’s your absolute. It’s the thing that you’re tied to. See? You have come to your ultimate, that “It is the Truth and there’s…It’s nothing but the truth, and It must be thus!” And then when you realize that in your mind, then you’ve got to approach It with your whole life, soul, body, all that’s in you, just completely sell out everything to it. As Jesus so graciously taught us in the man buying pearls, and he found the One of great price and he sold all his others to get to It. All the truths and everything that he had, though they were good pearls, he—he…this One meant all to him. And when you find God’s Ultimate, His Word, a promise upon a certain thing, you must know first that it is God’s Word, that the thing that you’re seeing being done is God. There—there’s no—there’s no “maybe so, it could be, it looks like it might be.” “It is God!” Then when you get to that spot, then that’s the Pearl of great price, you must get away from anything that anybody else tells you contrary to It. You must not look to what man has achieved. You must look to what God has said and what He promised, and see Him to do it, then that’s your Ultimate right there. And then everything that you are, everything that you was, everything that you hope to be, must be placed upon This just as though it was death and life to you at that moment. 63 I think one of the thing that keeps our people from being healed is the lack of confession, #truth #love #godsinstrument #history #peace     63-0721 - He Cares. Do You Care?     Rev. William Marrion Branham #williambranham #be #reels #reaction #motivation #foryou #voiceofgodrecordings #confessions #comment #conference #churchfamily #channel #


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