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Title:Sunset in the Ocean | Acrylic Painting | Simple Landscape Painting

❤️ Instagram : Sunset in the Ocean - This is a very simple to do scenery painting with less number of elements. There is nothing more relaxing than watching a sunset in an ocean !! This is a Simple Landscape Painting which can be tried by any beginner. Colors used here are: 423 Titanium White, 394 Scarlet Lake(Red), 236 Lemon Yellow, 453 Viridian Hue(Dark Green), 016 Black, 031 Burnt Sienna ,045 Cadmium Yellow ,337 Permanent Yellow Deep(orange) Color Product Link : Brushes : Flat Brush No - 12,8,6 Round Brush No - 1,5 Canvas Paper: CHITRAPAT Drawing Paper, 270 GSM, 100% Cotton Fibre, Acid Free, Texture MAT You can also use: I would really appreciate your well wishes and support. #artworkruchika#surucreations ———————————————————————————————————————— 💝Sponsored Links: You can support me by buying from the links below, ———————————————————————————————————————— Beginner’s Camlin 20ml Acrylic Colors (12 Shades):​​ Camlin 40ml Acrylic Color (12 Shades) :​ Fevicryl Acrylic Color 10 Shades (150ml) -​ Titanium White :​​ Black :​​ Lemon Yellow :​​ Cadmium Lemon :​​ Permanent Green Light :​​ Crimson Lake :​​ Scarlet Lake :​​ Vermilion Hue :​​ Yellow Ochre :​​ Viridian Hue :​​ Ultramarine Blue :​​ Brustro Blue Brush Set Of 15 :​​ Flat Brush set of 7:​​ Round Brush set of 7:​​ Acrylic Painting Paper(A4 Size) :​ Canvas Board 9x12 (Pack of 6):​ Canvas Board 18x24 (Single) :​​ Spiral Black A4 Size for One Stroke Painting(35 Sheets) :​ Black Pastel paper for One Stroke Painting (20 pieces):​ Stretched Canvas with Wedges 20x24 (Pack of 2):​ Technical Pen (Pack of 6) :​ My Mandala toolkit :​ White Pencil :​ Black Pencil :​ Painting Table :​ My Table Lamp :​ Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant :​ Mobile Holder :​ Tripod :​​​ Paper Tape used on edges :


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