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Title:What is wrong with current physics | Eric Lerner, Sabine Hossenfelder, Roger Penrose, and more!

Sabine Hossenfelder, Bjørn Ekeberg, Roger Penrose, Donald Hoffman, Peter Woit, Becky Parker, Marika Taylor and Eric Weinstein discuss the fundamental flaws of our physics models. 00:00 Introduction 00:37 Sabine Hossenfelder | Simplifying scientific explanations 04:45 Eric Lerner | The Big Bang theory contradicts JWST images 08:04 Donald Hoffman | Why Space-Time is doomed 10:29 Bjørn Ekeberg | Evidence against the Standard Model of Cosmology 14:03 Eric Weinstein | On the difference between a good physicist and a great one 17:06 Becky Parker | How physics should be taught 19:47 Peter Woit | The fundamental relationship between mathematics and physics theories 22:25 Marika Taylor | The problem with String Theory 24:25 Roger Penrose | Singularities and black holes 26:22 Sabine Hossenfelder | Science and religion aren't at war #TheoreticalPhysicsResearch #FutureOfTheStandardModel #CosmologicalModelOfTheUniverse Links to the debates and talks: Sabine Hossenfelder - Physics and the meaning of life Bjørn Ekeberg - Cosmology needs philosophy Roger Penrose - The future of cosmology with Roger Penrose Donald Hoffman - The Key to Consciousness Peter Woit & Marika Taylor - The code to the cosmos Eric Lerner - Cosmology and the big bust Eric Weinstein - Finding an ultimate theory of everything Becky Parker - The theory to end all theories The Institute of Art and Ideas features videos and articles from cutting edge thinkers discussing the ideas that are shaping the world, from metaphysics to string theory, technology to democracy, aesthetics to genetics. Subscribe today! For debates and talks: For articles: For courses:


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