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Title:BACKYARD CAMPiNG with a MERMAiD?! Adley and Family set up camp then catch a Rainbow Dolphin & Snake

another fun A for Adley video re-imagined by Spacestation Animation 🐒 JOIN THE FAM: @SpacestationAnimation EVEN MORE FUN VIDEOS: @spacestationanimationshorts SUMMER is HERE!! Which means it's the perfect time to go camping! Adley, Mom, and Dad grabbed their tent and some other camping supplies and headed to the backyard! First things first they had to figure out how to set up the tent.. the instructions say to Pop it, Lock it, and Drop it! Once the tent was set up they decided to do some fishing so Mom and Adley used some things they found around the backyard to make a fishing pole while Dad went inside to get some peanut butter for bait! Then they took their supplies to the river for some fishin'... first they caught a SNAKE from the water so they had to get their neighbor Zookeeper Niko to come help get rid of it! Then Adley cast her fishing line again and this time she caught a giant pink dolphin, but it was too heavy and pulled Adley into the water! When she opened her eyes she was a mermaid in a magical underwater world! She swam around with all the fish, dolphins, and seahorse-icorns! Finally Mom and Dad pulled mermaid Adley out of the water and fed her a smore to turn her back into a human! Then they all went back into their tent to warm up and watch some A for Adley videos! They watched the new video from Spacestation Animation shorts called "A lost love", then they watched the "Adley turns into a Mermaid" cartoon and a few others to finish their movie marathon! The A for Adley video used to make this animation - BACKYARD CAMPiNG the MOViE!! Adley and Family camp routine, build a tent, fishing, lake, and more! You can watch our last Family Cartoon here - CRAZY BABiES CARTOONS!! Adley Niko & Navey eat Baby Puffs and troll Dad into some Crazy Baby Fun!


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