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Title:Honest Review After One Month: Astropad Rock Paper Pencil v2

This is a follow up on my full review of Rock Scissors Paper Version 2, Astropad's textured screen protector and pencil tip system for your iPad and Apple Pencil. Find out if I was right about the sharper tips scratching the screen and my final verdict. Watch the Original Product Review (V2) Here AFFILIATE LINKS (HELPS SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL, THANK YOU!) ✏️ Rock Paper Pencil v2 🚀 Astropad Studio — Turn your iPad into a screen based tablet for your Mac TIME STAMPS 0:00 What is Rock Paper Pencil v2? 0:26 Overview of Video 0:43 Comparing the Nibs and Screen Protector in Rock Paper Pencil V1 and V2 2:45 Will the sharper metal Apple pencil tips scratch the screen protector? 3:08 Will the metal Apple pencil tips wear down? 3:31 Comparing new and used ball point Apple Pencil tips 4:15 The ballpoint tip stabbing the plastic screen protector 5:34 Oil slick stains on the screen protector 6:30 Showing the damage to the screen protector 7:42 What's good and what's bad about RPPv2? 8:05 Do I still recommend purchasing Rock Paper Pencil v2? 8:42 Will I keep using it or go back to a "naked" screen and an OEM Apple Pencil tip? 9:25 Recommendations for Astropad for RPP v3 9:50 Is a scratch-free screen protector impossible? FIND ME ELSEWHERE


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