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Title:Mannat Murad Episode 20 - [Eng Sub] - Digitally Presented by PEL - 4th December 2023 - Iqra Aziz

Thanks for watching Har Pal Geo. Please click here to Subscribe and hit the bell icon to enjoy Top Pakistani Dramas and satisfy all your entertainment needs. Do you know Har Pal Geo is now available in the US? Share the News. Spread the word. Mannat Murad Episode 20 - [Eng Sub] - Iqra Aziz - Talha Chahour - Digitally Presented by PEL - 4th December 2023 - HAR PAL GEO Mannat Murad Digitally Presented by PEL Mannat is a beautiful young girl who hails from a progressive family that values love, care, and mutual respect. Raised in an environment where everyone's choices are respected, Mannat enjoys the freedom to make her own decisions. Following the untimely demise of her parents, she finds support from her elder brother, Nafees, who showers her with affection. On the other hand, Murad belongs to a conservative family where his mother, the matriarch, wields significant influence over his life choices. As the only son, Murad is burdened with the responsibility of fulfilling his family's expectations. Soft-spoken and romantic by nature, Murad finds himself unable to defy his mother's authority, especially after the passing of his father. Despite their starkly contrasting backgrounds, Mannat and Murad's hearts find solace in each other's presence, and they fall deeply in love. However, their families' interference creates misunderstandings between Mannat and Murad, testing the strength of their bond. Will their families agree to their union? Will Mannat's family, with their open-mindedness, find common ground with Murad's conservative household? Can Mannat and Murad's love for each other withstand the motives of their families, who seek to create further misunderstandings between them? Written by: Nadia Akhtar Directed by: Syed Wajahat Hussain Produced by: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi Production House: 7th Sky Entertainment Cast: Iqra Aziz - Mannat Talha Chahour - Murad Irsa Ghazal - Razia Noor ul Hassan - Nafees Uzma Hassan - Sabiha Ali Rehman - Hammad Tipu Sharif - Adil Faiza Gillani - Nudrat Mizna Waqas - Fazeelat Ali Safina - Faisal Sana Nadir - Naggi Rehma Zaman - Itrat Hammad Siddiqui - Shoukat Anam Tanveer - Nisho Salma Baig - Shakra Parveen Akber - Shamim Rabya Kulsoom - Azra Sachal Afzal - Athar Kousar Siddiqui - Hajra Rahat Ghani - Rida Mustafa Changezi - Saad Abdul Hadi Khan - Ahad Zarlish - Gurya Rubab - Pinky #PEL #ChangeYourLife #mannatmurad #iqraaziz #talhachahour


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