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Title:Lion King 2 Simba's Pride Shortened (parody) Full Movie

A shorter fan made parody version of the 1998 Film entitled the Lion King II Simba's Pride. A lot of you guys enjoyed the first lion king shortened I did (It was 4 parts, but this time I just made one full movie instead of splitting it up). And some of you wanted me to make a "Lion King 2 Shortened", so I finally did and finished it! Enjoy it! Leave a comment! Like and Sub! I'll link the lion king shortened in the description below this text! Links to the Lion King Shortened (based off the first movie) (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) - Disclaimer! I do not own any of the music that was utilized within this video! Disney owns it! Youtube don't copyright my video please this is for entertainment purposes only. - Links to soundtrack utilized that i found on youtube (playlist is by Matheus FMA; individual videos were uploaded by either Roxanneactress, LionKingMusic221, drek thar, Archipale (Playlist is by Cristiano Paterlini; individual videos were uploaded by either mattia paterlini or WEIRDGUY12213) Link to my lion King Playlist The only other movie parody like thing I did besides Lion King and now Lion King 2 was The Hobbit! If anyone likes The Hobbit please watch my video on it! Here is the link!


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