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Title:"Down the Road" (Indie Mystery Movie)

Synopsis: When a paperboy goes missing in the local woods, it's up to his friends to find answers. Following a mysterious trail of clues, they venture into the heart of the unknown, and unearth something much deeper. (see edit below) EDIT FOR NEW VIEWERS (PLEASE READ): This film is getting a large amount of views so we wanted to clarify that this is a near zero-budget INDIE movie, not a major motion picture. We are basically just a small group of friends who wanted to go out and make a fun little movie, and we had a blast doing so. It's not perfect (far from it); we made many mistakes along the way and still have a LOT to learn as we improve on our craft. But it was a massive learning experience for all of us and we hope you can enjoy our early efforts as filmmakers. We don't want to disappoint anyone with false expectations, so please set your expectations accordingly. Thanks, and enjoy! Get the Soundtrack on Bandcamp: Listen to the Soundtrack on YouTube: Watch the Film w/ Director Commentary: For a complete behind-the-scenes look at the film, visit: And finally, a quick shout-out. Luke Tarzian (the leader actor who plays Charlie) is also an excellent dark fantasy author. Check out his work at the links below: Well, it’s finally here! “Down the Road” is my first (completed) feature film and I’m so excited to share it with you all. This was a project many years in the making, and was the hardest project I've ever tackled. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making it, and I hope you enjoy! Tags: full movie, indie film, mystery, disappearance, missing person, amateur detective, shadowy figure, atmospheric, supernatural, magic realism, urban legend, abandoned house, small town, foggy, rainy, forest, fire, fear, grief, loss, friendship Copyright © 2023 Rickair Productions All rights reserved.


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