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Title:The Making Of Satan's Eden || William Branham

For prayer, questions and inquiries concerning the content published on this channel please reach out on WhatsApp, +254706631299 [Sermon] 65-0829 - Satan's Eden By William Branham Highlighted Quote: 60 Now, he, by this fall, it has took over and possessed the garden of Eden, himself. He took it over. And now he has had six thousand years of deceitful rule; deceiving the people, God’s children, as he did then. Because, they were based on free moral agency, to act any way they wished to. And believing that they would act right, or trusting they would act right, then they’ve come with the wrong act, and sold their birthrights, as Esau did, for the world. And Satan won it, and he took it over. And he’s had six thousand years to build up his Eden, as God had six thousand years to bring His Eden to a close. And by deceit, deceit of the Word, or the people, now established his own Eden in this earth, in sin. 61 God’s Eden was established in righteousness. Satan’s Eden is established in sin, because Satan is sin. God is righteousness, and God’s kingdom was established in righteousness, and peace, and Life. And Satan’s establishment is in sin, and religious sin. 65-0829 — Satan's Eden Rev. William Marrion Branham #satan #eden #williammarrionbranham #WilliamBranham​ #VoiceofGod​ #TheMessageOfTheHour #satan #eden #artificialintelligence #EndTimeMessage #believerstestimonies #BornAgain #NewBirth #BaptismOfTheHolySpirit #God #deception


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