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Title:Platform Engineering vs DevOps

What’s the difference between DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Platform Engineering, is Platform Engineering really the next big thing. You could ask “what’s in a name” fundamentally what we do matters more than how we name what we do, but the names that we use for ideas can help. Most people don’t do deep research into what works best for software development, which may be a shame because how we choose to organise our work has a huge impact on how well we can do that work. This means that if people only have a cursory view of ideas like platform engineering, DevOps or CD, then it is easy to mistake their advantages, and what is involved. In this episode, Dave Farley best-selling author of “Continuous Delivery” and “Modern Software Engineering” explores these ideas and describes why, in his view, Platform Engineering is no replacement for either DevOps or Continuous Delivery. - ⭐ PATREON: Join the Continuous Delivery community and access extra perks & content! ➡️ - 🗣️ THE ENGINEERING ROOM PODCAST: Apple - Spotify - Amazon - Audible - - 👕 T-SHIRTS: A fan of the T-shirts I wear in my videos? Grab your own, at reduced prices EXCLUSIVE TO CONTINUOUS DELIVERY FOLLOWERS! Get money off the already reasonably priced t-shirts! 🔗 Check out their collection HERE: ➡️ 🚨 DON'T FORGET TO USE THIS DISCOUNT CODE: ContinuousDelivery - BOOKS: 📖 Dave’s NEW BOOK "Modern Software Engineering" is available as paperback, or kindle here ➡️ and NOW as an AUDIOBOOK available on iTunes, Amazon and Audible. 📖 The original, award-winning "Continuous Delivery" book by Dave Farley and Jez Humble ➡️ 📖 "Continuous Delivery Pipelines" by Dave Farley Paperback ➡️ ebook version ➡️ NOTE: If you click on one of the Amazon Affiliate links and buy the book, Continuous Delivery Ltd. will get a small fee for the recommendation with NO increase in cost to you. - CHANNEL SPONSORS: Equal Experts is a product software development consultancy with a network of over 1,000 experienced technology consultants globally. They increase the pace of innovation by using modern software engineering practices that embrace Continuous Delivery, Security, and Operability from the outset ➡️ TransFICC provides low-latency connectivity, automated trading workflows and e-trading systems for Fixed Income and Derivatives. TransFICC resolves the issue of market fragmentation by providing banks and asset managers with a unified low-latency, robust and scalable API, which provides connectivity to multiple trading venues while supporting numerous complex workflows across asset classes such as Rates and Credit Bonds, Repos, Mortgage-Backed Securities and Interest Rate Swaps ➡️ Semaphore is a CI/CD platform that allows you to confidently and quickly ship quality code. Trusted by leading global engineering teams at Confluent, BetterUp, and Indeed, Semaphore sets new benchmarks in technological productivity and excellence. Find out more ➡️ #developer #DevOps #platformengineering


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