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Learn All About PYTHON IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND METAVERSE! Guest Speaker MR. ROHIT KRISHNAN Business Analyst | IIBA Member | CSM Creative, Determined, Well-Organized & Results-Driven Business Analyst. Host Of The Session: Dr. Haider Shah Thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe the channel because many more videos and live sessions are on the way. If you have any suggestions Let us know in the comments below or email us on Our slogan is "COME LEARN & SHARE KNOWLEDGE" Please share it with your friends and students. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel. We hope you guys like and enjoy videos. Follow us! Website: Facebook: Twitter: CALWASS@calwass Other videos link are: PUBLISHING YOUR RESEARCH WORK AND ACHIEVING CITATIONS 7 Top Qualities of a Good Research Supervisor (in English) 8 Top Qualities of Good Research Students (in English) 5 Major Mistakes PhD students To Avoid (In English) 6Tips How To Build A Positive Relationship With Your PHD Supervisor (in English) 8 Tips To Apply For a PhD or Master's Research Degree (in English). 10Tips before Choosing a University for Phd or Masters? (in English) How to Choose and What are the Characteristics of Good Research Topic! Exact Flow From Research Topic To Research Questions! (in English) Thinking and Stages of Critical Thinking (in English) Difference Between Topic and Title in a simple words (In English) Intellectual Skills FOR A Researcher!! (In English) Data Analysis through SMARTPLS Practical Steps (in English), Part 1 "Desk-rejected" from Your Chosen Journal? Whats Next? Path To Massive Success! How to Set Visions and Achieve Results! How to Select A Research Topic, Theory Building in Management Research, Useful Tips for PhD Journey and How to pursue Academic Research Degree BASIC ECONOMETRICS ANALYSIS USING EVIEWS Webinar on What is Problem Statement, Research Gap and Research Contribution? Issues and Challenges in Research Challenges in Conducting An Academic Research 5 Things to Do in a Statement of Purpose for PhD (in English) 7Things To Do When You Get A PhD Offer Letter (in English) 8 Ways How Does a PhD Change You? (in English) 8 Steps Process of Literature Review for PhD (in English) 4 Subjects Every PhD Student Must take and Why? 6 Reasons Should You Do Your PhD Abroad? 7Things To Do When You Get A PhD Offer Letter 8Tips For PhD or Masters Defense Presentations (in English) 5 Reasons Why, What are the Benefits of Attending or Presenting Your Work in Conference? What Is Real Success? Publishing in High Impact Journals: Personal Experiences and Insights 5 Tips Tell Me About Yourself (Best Interview Tips) What is Mediation, Multiple & Serial Mediation and Moderation! QUALITATIVE RESEARCH & DATA ANALYSIS USING NVIVO SYSTEMATIC LITERATURE REVIEW (SLR) Digital HR in Future Organization WHAT ARE YOUR SALARY EXPECTATIONS? What Are The Habits Of Successful People! SPINNER INNOVATION MODEL DEALING WITH RESEARCH METHODOLOGY ART OF MARKETING LEADERSHIP SKILLS OF YOUNG PROFESSIONALS WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES NUTS AND BOLTS OF RESEARCH (WHAT IS RESEARCH?) HOW TO WRITE A THESIS: A WORKING GUIDE (ART OF WRITING)


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