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Title:Why Japanese are the Most Unwilling to Help Others in the World

▼World Giving Index 2021▼ It’s very sad, but last year in 2021, it was presented by the Charities Aid Foundation in the UK that Japan ranked the lowest in the “World Giving Index.” And not just close to second from last, I mean dead last. Why is it that the Japanese, who call themselves the people from the "land of harmony," are the most disinterested and cold-hearted people in the world? So today, I will explain more on what this ranking is and how horrible the ranking of Japan is. Then I will talk about some of my opinions on why Japanese people are the coldest people on this planet. By watching this video, you will surely be able to deepen your understanding towards the characteristics of Japanese people, and it’s especially recommended to those who are willing to study or live in Japan one day. Today’s story might change your image of Japanese people completely. [Time codes] 0:00 Let's START! 1:35 The "World Giving Index" 3:50 Why Japanese People are So Cold-hearted 15:42 Today's Conclusion ▼Who is Shogo? What is this channel about?▼ ▼Related videos in this channel▼ -Why BUSHIDO Is The Root of All Social Problems in Japan -Why You MUST NEVER Stand Out in Japan! The Scientific Reason to Discrimination, Bullying, & Racism! -A Culture That has Tormented Women in Japan for Centuries ▼MY DREAM▼ “To make every Japan lovers’ dream come true, by making Japan a more secure, comfortable, and safer place for everyone to visit, study, and live in” I will be using the profit I gain from this channel at restaurants, hotels, and cultural facilities in Kyoto to introduce them. The more you watch the videos on this channel, Kyoto and Japan will become a more exciting place, and you can support your own and others’ dreams in the future even more. ▼Join our Membership▼ ●Membership benefits -Limited behind-the-scene videos -Weekly live stream -Priority reply to comments Every single yen we earn from this membership, we will be donating to groups of people who are fighting to solve social problems in Japan, the Japanese schools where foreign students can study, or use it to spread the works of people working with traditional culture in Japan to preserve the arts they are doing. ▼[Sub-channel] “Shogo’s Podcast”▼ Please subscribe!! The perfect channel to learn about Japanese culture and history in your spare time, during your walk to school or work, and when you are cooking or doing house chores. Not only will I be covering the topics in this main channel, but also some topics that you will only be able to enjoy in the sub-channel, like answering questions I receive, and my opinions towards some of the comments. ▼[Listen to the real voices of the Japanese] "Voices from Japan series"▼ ▼[Places recommended to visit in Kyoto] "Kyoto Hidden Gems" series▼ ▼Instagram▼ *Please ask me questions through the DM here!(⚠️I do not use e-mail) ♪Music♪ おとわび トーマス大森音楽工房 ぽるぽるMusic ♪Sound effects♪ 効果音ラボ ♪Pictures♪ かわいいフリー素材屋 いらすとや #worldgivingindex #japaneseculture #socialproblemsinjapanese


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