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Title:Tom Hiddleston talks LOKI, THE NIGHT MANAGER, gets surprised by Eddie Redmayne I Happy Sad Confused

In the very first live taping of Happy Sad Confused in Los Angeles, Tom Hiddleston re-joins the podcast to talk about his long history with LOKI, his future with THE NIGHT MANAGER, and even gets a surprise from friend Eddie Redmayne! #happysadconfused #joshhorowitz #tomhiddleston #loki To get early access to all of Josh's interviews, go to Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to the channel so you don't miss any of Josh's interviews! SUPPORT THE SHOW BY SUPPORTING OUR SPONSORS! ZocDoc -- Go to and download the Zocdoc app for FREE Betterhelp -- Visit to get 10% off your first month Storyworth -- Go to to save $10 on your first purchase! UPCOMING EVENTS Julia Louis-Dreyfus June 10th in NYC -- Dakota Johnson June 11th in NYC -- Listen to the podcast on... APPLE: SPOTIFY: Josh on Twitter: Josh on Instagram: Josh on TikTok: @happysadconfused 00:00:00 Introduction 00:04:10 In awe of Samuel L. Jackson 00:06:27 First comic-con 00:10:42 Taking Loki seriously 00:13:03 Before Loki 00:17:08 Eddie Redmayne surprise 00:21:30 Ad--ZocDoc 00:22:57 Ad-StoryWorth 00:25:20 Finding his place 00:28:39 Loki's goodbye 00:31:27 Can Tom remember his Loki lines? 00:35:16 social media 00:36:15 Tom's favorite films 00:39:57 Guillermo del Toro 00:43:09 Ad--BetterHelp 00:44:43 THE NIGHT MANAGER 00:49:19 Audience questions 00:59:45 Teaching acting 01:01:30 Profoundly Random Questions


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