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Title:HARSHA BHOGLE On The Asian Century

We're joined by ornament to the game, Harsha Bhogle, for a one hour, feature-length interview. We wanted it reverent, he wanted irreverence, so we found a middle ground. We traversed the Asian Century, new and old India, run-outs, the future of cricket, Axar Patel's relationship with the stumps, great lines in commentary, birds, blokes bowling in black belts, Kohli clickbait stuff, whether or not we're allowed to come to his house (and why), and several other matters of debatable importance. With enormous thanks to the mighty St Joseph's Cricket Club, Geelong, for hosting us. 0:00 INTRO 2:27 HARSHA ON SOCIAL MEDIA 11:24 WHAT IS THE HEALTH OF THE GAME? 15:50 HOW THE WORLD SEES INDIA 25:15 NEW INDIA & THE ASIAN CENTURY 32:28 RISHABH, DK & COMMENTARY 41:02 HARSHA'S FAMOUS QUOTES 48:37 THE FUTURE OF THE IPL 56:07 INDIA'S CHANCES AT THE WORLD CUP 1:00:42 INDIA v PAKISTAN There are more and more videos coming every single week with The T20 World Cup, Australian Test summer, Australia's tour of India in 2023, The IPL, The Ashes in England and The ODI World Cup all to come! So please hit subscribe and join us for all the fun along the way. Check out our Patreon for more exclusive content every single week. Our Patrons also get the exclusive audio of every single video we put out during this series.​ If you want to support TGC for the work that we do, please check out our membership options by clicking 'JOIN'. There are two tiers of our YouTube Membership: the Asian Centurion and the COAT tier. Click 'join' on our channel landing page for more info. You can follow The Grade Cricketer on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:​​ The Grade Cricketer hosts are Ian Higgins and Sam Perry. You can follow them on Instagram and Twitter: Ian Higgins:​​ Sam Perry:​


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