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Title:ADLEY plans a BiRTHDAY PARTY!! Delivery Dad has new surprises for YOU! bday merch and tumbling mat

Birthday surprises for ALL my friends 🎁 LET'S BE FRIENDS -- HEY EVERYBODY!! It's a beautiful morning in the neighborhood.. but it's time to get some of my work done. First thing I do in my morning routine is go downstairs to check my calendar. WAIT... there's only 3 DAYS UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY!! I'm not even ready!! Oh boy... looks like I have a lot of birthday party planning to do! First things first, I got to order some party supplies from! There's a bday party pack with EVERYTHING I need like: Balloons, Plates, Cups, Napkins, a Table Cloth, even a Pirates vs Fairies banner! While I waited for those to get delivered I decided to get some chores done, but it's starting to get late so after my chores I'm gonna get to sleep! While I was sleeping somebody knocked on my door in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT which woke me up, so I went to see who it is! It was the mail delivery man... in the middle of the night... seriously?!? He thought I was a zombie because I was sleep walking. The next morning I woke up to start setting up the party with all my new supplies! I also went to the store to buy some cupcakes and treats for the party. The nice store lady named Jenny told me that she'd help me set up too! After everything was set up I remembered that I FORGOT PARTY GAMES! I hurried to call the delivery guy again, and he said that he had the perfect thing... an A for Adley jump mat! When he delivered it, it was exactly what I wanted! Perfect for gymnastics and tumbling! Now all we had to do was wait for the guests to arrive. When everybody showed up, Niko had a great idea! A DANCE PARTY on my new A for Adley jump pad! While we were eating our birthday cake the mailman said he had a surprise for us. We went to his warehouse and it was COVERED in new A for Adley tumbling mats! We had so much fun jumping around on them! Then he said there was 1 more birthday surprise! We went outside and saw a GiANT A for Adley bouncy house! It was SO BIG.. more like a bouncy slide mansion! It had pirates and fairies, and all my favorite characters from Adley's PlaySpace! This was definitely the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!! my last video - Chef Adley's MYSTERY CAFE Love Story!! Adley is the Boss, Niko makes Food, a new Family 3D Cartoon my dad's last video - NAVEY 2nd BiRTHDAY!! Farm Animals Surprise Party, hiding presents, and bday balloons morning routine A for Adley Shorts - Best Day Ever Shorts - Gaming with Adley Shorts - Spacestation Animation - Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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