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Title:Andy J. Pizza | Episode 29

Take Composition for Illustrators on Skillshare — Use this link to get 30 days free membership. Andy J. Pizza is a New York Times best-selling illustrator and author, and host of the Creative Pep Talk podcast. Today he joins me for a deep-dishy dive into all things illustration and creativity, especially where he and I share a lot of common ground. Along the way, we talk about such topics as the myth of the Inspired Artist, his message of adopting a more positive self-psychology, the balance of inspiration and craft in creative work, and even why he thinks full-blown therapy should be a part of art school education. No topping (or topic) is held back — even the mushrooms and pineapples were allowed in this one.    HOW TO SUPPORT Thank you for listening/watching! 01 — Share this episode/podcast with a friend. This is the single most effective way to help grow this podcast. 02 — Support me on Patreon at • $8 Drawing Buddies gain exclusive access to my monthly Draw With Me meetups. • Join for as low as $3 to get 20% off my 1-on-1 coaching sessions 03 – Take my Skillshare classes! • Visit ( to find links to all my classes. Use these links and get 30 days of free membership on Skillshare! 04 – Join my mailing list • Never miss an important update. Sign up at   SHOW LINKS • Andy's Website — • Andy's Substack Newsletter — • Sunday With Everything On It (Picture Book) by Andy J. Pizza and Kyle Scheele — • Invisible Things by Andy J. Pizza and Sophie Mille — • CREATIVE PEP TALK —   PODCAST TEAM/CREDITS  Mark Allan Falk, Audio/Video Engineer All Music, including Theme Song and Cues by Mark Allan Falk ( .   FIND ME ELSEWHERE (  


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