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Title:Ma Anand Sheela's Epic Transformation: From 1988 To 2024 - The Interview Of A Lifetime!

In this incredible conversation with Jerry Selvaseelan, the Founder of LogicalRetreat®, Ma Anand Sheela the former commune spokesperson for OSHO also known as Bhagwan Rajneesh, takes us back into the 1980's events captured in the Netflix hit documentaries 'Wild Wild Country' and 'Searching for Sheela'. She takes us specifically to the point of crisis and thereafter in 1988 when she was released from prison and how she was able to re-craft a whole new purpose for her life in Switzerland serving people in need. Done more in the style of a workshop, we go through the various components which people get stuck at when at crossroads and at crisis points of their lives. We talk about values, self-discovery, personal identity, unique gifts, life trajectory, life legacy, finding a tribe to serve, mastering flow in a grand new vision, embedding resilience and re-defining the concept of success. Ma Anand Sheela also gives her views on Sadhguru, who is often compared to OSHO, and gives her updates on the Bollywood movie which was rumored to be planned for production on her life. We hope this conversation has multiple wisdom points for anyone to borrow from, and apply into their lives to further enhance it. 00:00 Introduction: Ma Anand Sheela's involvement with Osho 06:32 Importance of community and inclusivity in Oregon 12:00 Overcoming difficulties and finding clarity in life 17:25 Giving without expecting anything in return 23:40 The importance of love and compassion 29:00 The challenge of personal identity and change 38:49 The dangers of wealth and materialism 42:16 Embracing uncertainty and making the most of it 46:22 The truth, spirituality, and wasting time 50:03 Music, favourite songs, views on Sadhguru 52:26 Reconnecting with values and taking action


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