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Title:Google, le géant qui veut changer le monde

Quietly, the six colorful letters of Google have imposed themselves in our lives. In France, the vast majority of us use the famous search engine on a daily basis. Worldwide, more than three billion queries are handled every day by the Californian giant. Today, Google is a more famous brand than Coca-Cola or Mac Donald's. And the Google group is sprawling. Beyond the search engine, there is also the Android operating system, which equips the majority of smartphones in the world, or even Gmail messaging, not to mention the video giant, YouTube! At the head of this juggernaut whose services are used by billions of people, there are two forties with the air of eternal teenagers: Larry Page and Serguei Brin. They are among the richest and most powerful men on the planet. At the headquarters, in Mountain View in Silicon Valley, the secrecy of the search engine is guarded with as many precautions as Coca-Cola does for the recipe for its soda. Among the employees, including many French people, the watchword is creativity. But in California, we also investigated how the two young founders of Google developed their search engine and how they knew how to make it an exceptional cash machine thanks to advertising. Google has become the first advertising network in the world. A hyperpower that raises many questions. Some criticize Google for taking advantage of its dominant position to promote its own services. Director: Sandrine Rigaud Follow us on the networks: Facebook:


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