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Title:URGENT: Fr. Chad Ripperger on Divorce, PRIDE MONTH, Eucharist DESECRATION

0:00 - Introduction 4:24 - Eucharist Desecration: A Grave Concern 8:40 - What is a State of Grace? 10:22 - Why is There an Increase in Sacrilege? 13:13 - Is Communion by Hand Sacrilege? 15:43 - What If You Are Rejected by a Clergy to Take Communion by Tongue? 18:46 - How to Respond if There is Desecration 19:55 - The Importance of Reverence in the Eucharist 21:42 - What is a Satanic Black Mass? 23:25 - The Role of Freemasonry in Undermining Marriage 26:27 - How Divorce Can Open the Door to Diabolical Influence 28:26 - Can Divorce Protect the Spouse from Abuse? 32:00 - Why is There Annulment? 34:24 - Fr. Chad’s Advice to Those Experiencing Marital Issues 37:25 - Fr. Chad’s Comment on Mixed Marriages 41:03 - Impact of Divorce: Psychological and Spiritual 42:21 - Fr. Chad’s Advice to Catholics Supporting Divorce 45:25 - Addressing Misquotes: What Pope Francis Really Said About Separation 47:11 - The Impact of Pride Month on Faith and Society 51:16 - The True Meaning of the Rainbow Flag of LGBT 54:54 - Fr. Chad’s Advice to Those Struggling with Same-Sex Attractions 57:56 - Q&A with Fr. Chad Ripperger 1:11:40 - Fr. Chad’s Reaction to the Latest Guidelines on Marian Apparitions 1:18:30 - Closing Remarks and Final Thoughts Join us on ISTORYANG KATOLIKO for a special episode featuring Fr. Chad Ripperger, where we will discuss "The Hidden Dangers of Divorce, Pride Month, and Eucharist Desecration." In this episode, Fr. Chad will share his deep knowledge and experiences in the field of exorcism and spiritual warfare. Fr. Chad will show how he becomes a guide and protector against evil spirits and how he lives out the teachings of God in combating evil. We will talk about the challenges, successes, and valuable lessons from his journey. This is perfect for those looking for inspiration and wanting to learn how to combat spiritual threats in the modern world. Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to ISTORYANG KATOLIKO for inspiring stories and deep dives into our faith. Explore Fr. Chad Ripperger's profound insights on spirituality and exorcism across various platforms for deeper faith and understanding. Dive into his teachings through the following links: - Sensus Traditionis: - Sensus Traditionis on YouTube: - Sentrad Press for his publications: - Spiritus TV for additional content: - Sensus Fidelium YouTube channel: - Sensus Fidelium website: Discover "Deliverance Prayers for Use by the Laity" by Fr. Chad Ripperger! Strengthen your spiritual armor with prayers designed for everyone. Written by Fr. Chad Ripperger, this book provides guidance on spiritual warfare and prayers you can use every day. Embrace the power of prayer and strengthen your faith with this book. Get your copy now: #FrChadRipperger #Exorcism #SpiritualWarfare #CatholicFaith #IstoryangKatoliko 🎁 Mga Ka-Faith, DOWNLOAD the NUMBER 1 CATHOLIC APP, Hallow, FOR FREE! Get your 90 days free access dito: Tara, deep dive tayo sa faith journey with Hallow! #KaFaith #TaraDasalTayo #HallowPH 💒✨ Support Our Mission: Your contributions on PATREON allow us to continue creating high-quality content that engages, enlightens, and empowers. JOIN and become an integral part of our journey here: __ For More Catholic Merch, Visit Adrian Milag TV Merch 🛍️ Shopee Store: 🛒 Merchiful Store & International store: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Seeking Financial Wealth and Spiritual Abundance? Visit here --------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT & BRAND COLLABORATION, CONTACT ME: Email: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Support Our Mission ✅ Donate through PayPal: ✅UNIONBANK: ACCOUNT NAME: JHON ADRIAN MILAG ACCOUNT NUMBER: 109420015344 ✅GCASH: 09778502688 Your support makes our work possible. We can't thank you enough for becoming a part of our journey and contributing to our vision. Every contribution helps us to continue producing content that makes a difference. Thank you for being a co-producer of our mission!


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