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Title:The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone (Xbox Series X) (Xclusive Playthrough - Part 11) Path

Check out part 11 of my Xclusive Playthrough series featuring the game The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone! This game released on the Xbox One and Xbox Series family of consoles on November 2nd, 2023. It was developed by Osome Studio and published by Microids. In this video, Dimwitty follows the path of the miners in an effort to find the mine. The Smurfs 2: The Prisoner of the Green Stone is a 3D puzzle-platformer with combat elements where you control one of several Smurfs (Handy Smurf, Brainy Smurf, Dimwitty Smurf, and Smurfstorm) and have the goal of retrieving the mythical Green Stone which is the final piece of the puzzle for Handy Smurf's revolutionary invention called the SmurfoMix. Handy Smurf's goal in creating the SmurfoMix machine was to bake all kinds of cakes for the Smurfs to enjoy snacking on, however, he soon realized that the machine was broken and was only capable of baking mini cakes. While reviewing Papa Smurf's Spellbook he learns that the Green Stone has the power to create absolutely anything! Unfortunately, he also learned that the Green Stone has been stolen by the evil wizard Gargamel, so Handy puts together a crack team of Smurfs to retrieve the Green Stone and they all head out to Gargamel's Hovel. After coming across the Green Stone inside Gargamel's laboratory, Handy Smurfs attempts to steal the Green Stone and, inadvertently, releases the evil entity known as Stolas from the Green Stone (which was actually his prison). This fatal mistake also caused the Green Stone to shatter into pieces and all of its fragments scatter throughout the nearby land, cursing and damaging it. Unexpectedly, the Smurfs and Gargamel form a temporary truce in an effort to recover the broken fragments of the Green Stone, destroy Stolas along with his evil army and removing the curse he has brought upon the world. The gameplay here is very similar to the most recent game in the series, The Smurfs: Mission Vileaf, however, this recent entry comes with a slightly more complex combat system and other updates/improvements. The player directly controls the Smurfs in 3rd person and is able to freely explore the various levels within the game's world. The tool that the Smurfs use this time around is called the SmurfoMix and it has various abilities that are useful for varying situations. The base form of the SmurfoMix can shoot green crystals which is primarily used in combat with the CrystoBeasts and to destroy the corrupted crystals throughout the Smurf Land. The player is able to shoot the SmurfoMix with the Right Trigger while also being able to use the Left Trigger to aim more precisely. The SmurfoMix can also be upgraded with different substances (StickAll, CatchAll and PushAll) which provide it with different combat modes that can also be used to solve different kinds of puzzles. The game also includes 3 different regions that is broken up into smaller areas which all have different themes and can be revisited to cleanup any missing collectibles/achievements while also replaying any of the various challenges found throughout each of them. Finally, with regards to the achievements in this game: the game includes a total of 36 achievements for a total of 1000 GS. The achievements are a mixture of story-based, collectible-based and upgrade-based achievements along with a few miscellaneous achievements and some challenge and combat-based achievements as well. There is also 1 achievement which revolves around beating the game on the hardest difficulty. Given the open nature of the game along with the ability to revisit areas that you've previously been to the achievements should be fairly easy to get within a single playthrough. Also, last but, not least, the game itself should take somewhere around 20-25 hours to complete depending on how thorough the player is. Timestamps: 0:00 - Challenge (Gone with the Wind - First Attempt) 3:07 - Challenge (Gone with the Wind - First Attempt) 7:40 - Icy Ambush (Progress Cautiously) 10:10 - Icy Ambush (Take the Miners' Path) 15:14 - Icy Ambush (Find Another Path) 19:30 - Icy Ambush (Continue On the Miners' Path) 20:12 - Challenge (Mys'Tics) I consider myself an avid achievement hunter and completionist so if you have any questions regarding a certain game or achievement be sure to leave a comment on any of my videos and I will try my best to assist you. Thank you for all of your support! Hope you enjoy and feel free to leave a like and subscribe! Also, follow me on Twitch: I love to play all kinds of different games and genres on a regular basis so I know that there will always be something to suit everyone's tastes! :) Thanks for watching!! #Smurfs #Smurfs2 #Smurfs2ThePrisonerOfTheGreenStone #XboxSeriesX #OsomeStudio #Microids #Gaming #VideoGames #Xbox #XboxOne #XboxOneX #XboxSeriesS #GamplayWalkthrough #Walkthrough


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