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Title:Dieses Rezept mit Kohl und Eiern ist so lecker, dass ich es jede Woche kochen kann!🔝3 Top # 244

Cabbage + eggs, I never get tired of cooking like this. This is the most delicious egg and cabbage recipe! It's better than meat! You'll eat it in a minute. This cabbage and eggs recipe is so delicious that I can cook it every week. Just use cabbage and eggs! A new cabbage and egg recipe that I really like. If you want to surprise your guests and family, prepare this recipe for egg pancakes with cabbage. I have never eaten such delicious eggs with cabbage, this is the most delicious breakfast or dinner made from cabbage. Buy a knife «VR»: 😋Recipe No. 1 Egg pancakes with cabbage filling: 300g cabbage Medium sized onion 8 eggs Salt pepper 5 tablespoons sour cream or yogurt or cream 100g cheese 3/4 cup flour 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 tablespoons butter 😋Recipe No. 2 Cabbage pizza in a frying pan: 4 eggs Salt 1 tablespoon cream 300g cabbage 100g cheese butter Spicy tomato sauce salami 😋Recipe No. 3 Cabbage in batter: Medium sized cabbage Onion pepper Salt 1 teaspoon cane sugar egg sesame Ingredients for the dough: 400g flour 1 teaspoon salt 140 ml olive oil 140 ml water at room temperature Bake at 220°C (425F) for 20 minutes Bon appetit!👨‍🍳😋 Dear friends, many people asked in the comments where they could buy a knife like mine. Now you can do this by following the link: Buy a knife «VR»: Friends, if you liked the recipe, share this video with your friends on social networks.📢 Rate the video! This is nice and important for the development of the channel!👍 WRITE A COMMENT or put a smiley. I will be very happy for your support!! Subscribe to Many Recipes Recipes/featured Already following??? ▶▶ Turn on ringtone 🔔 You will receive new video notifications!! I hope you enjoyed the asmr sounds. Write to me about it!


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