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Title:How To Remember Your Soul Contract (Your Life's Mission)

Your Soul Contract is your Life's Mission. It's not a contract that should be broken, but one that needs to be honored and fulfilled. Your soul wants you to remember and honor your Soul Contract in order to fulfill your destiny. Only one path in life can bring the highest sense of purpose and meaning to our existence. This path signifies our soul contract, the true purpose of our life. If these words resonate with you, you are in the right place and may find the ideas presented here inspiring and a step forward toward the life your soul intended for you. The presentation covers the following questions and topics. It also provides evidence from Dr. Michael Newton’s work to support the existence of Soul Contract. This evidence is based on the actual accounts of Dr. Newton's clients under hypnotic trance state descripting the spirit world as a place where souls experience a life between lives or two incarnations. - What is Soul Contract and who signed up for it? - Evidence in Support of the Existence of Soul Contract - Why Should We Care About Soul Contract? - How Can We Remember Our Soul Contract? - Shamanic Path to Knowing Our Soul Contract. The presentation also provides ideas on how we can remember our soul contract, either by opening up our heart or through spiritual connection to our Daimon or Celestial Twin, as our chief spirit guide who know what our life is all about. ***CHAPTER TIMESTAMPS*** 0:00 Aion Farvahar's Intro on Soul Contract 3:18 What Is Soul Contract and Who Signed Up For It? 5:45 Evidence in Support of the Existence of Soul Contract 9:01 Why Should We Care About Soul Contract? 10:57 How Can We Remember Our Soul Contract? 13:40 Shamanic Path to Knowing Our Soul Contract Aion Farvahar is a Life and Spirituality Mentor practicing IFS Self Leadership and Psychoshamanism. For more information about his work, visit Please note that the ideas presented here are contemplative and spiritual in nature and are not meant to reflect any absolute or factual argument. Further research are always encouraged because spiritual concepts are inherently personal and deserved to be honored at a uniquely personal way. Reference Links: - Aion Farvahar Bio Link: - Celestial Twin Channel Overview: - Dr. Michael Newton’s Book (unaffiliated): - Opening Your Heart Again: - Spirit Guides, Daimon, and Guardian Spirit: - Shamanic Journey to Connect to Spirit Guides: "Among all possible paths of life before you, only one can bring the highest sense of meaning to your life, only one makes your heart wanting to come along with you. This one path signifies your soul contract and the true purpose of your life.” --Aion Farvahar. Special Thanks to Master Khaled Aljaber for his Imaginative and Visually Expressive Images. To learn more about Master Khaled’s expressive art, visit: #CelestialTwinLifeMentorship #CelestialTwin #AionFarvahar About This Channel: Celestial Twin Life Mentorship Channel is dedicated to all individuals on the path of self-discovery, self-realization, and spiritual awakening, or those who are simply on a mission to find and honor the meaning and purpose of their existence, in order to live a meaningful and inspiring life. There is an inner wisdom and higher consciousness in all of us, but accessing it requires genuine curiosity and courage to invite deeper contemplation and imagination. For more information, visit Celestial Twin Life Mentorship website: Credits: Special thanks to the following artist(s) for generously sharing their art and/or music with the world. Background Music: Artist: Meydän Track: Away License: CC-BY Website: Disclaimer: The opinions shared in this video are based on personal experience, perspective, or research and are not meant to reflect any scientific or academic views. No part of the opinions shared here may be reproduced or used without written permission from Celestial Twin Life Mentorship and Aion Farvahar ( Use of brief quotations is permitted, if providing a clear attribution and link to the original post.


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