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Title:Centrifugal Pump Parts - Learn about Nine Parts

Learn about nine different centrifugal pump parts that you may find in almost all pumps. Body, Casing, Impeller, Wear Ring, Shaft, coupling, Bearing and Bearing housing, Sealing system, Suction & Discharge Flanges, and Support frame. Course link - Subscribe - Special Tanks to Mr. Augusto Brozoski for allowing the use of his 3D model. You can check his YouTube video to learn how to draw this model. - Course link - Visit My website for more free piping study material - Piping Courses for Oil and Gas Career Success Learn About Pipes Used in Oil and Gas Learn About Pipe Fittings Used in Oil and Gas Learn About Pipe Flanges Used in Oil and Gas Other Topics Piping Videos Piping Drawings My other videos : How to read P&ID- ASME Code - Fundametal of Pipe - Pipe Gasket - What is MAWP - Pipe Fittings - Pipe Vs Tube - Pipe Flanges - Piping Training - P&ID - Flanges - 0:00 Introduction 0:19 In this video you will learn 1:27 Pump Parts - Body / Casing 2:17 Single and Double volute body 2:40 Single and Double suction body 2:57 Single and Multi stage body 3:08 Radial and Axial Split body 3:39 Impeller Open, Semi-closed, and Closed Types 5:29 Wear Rings 5:53 Pump Shaft 6:14 Coupling - Fixed or rigid coupling and Flexible coupling 6:58 Bearing and Bearing housing 7:37 Sealing system 8:10 Suction / Discharge Flanges 8:33 Support Frame #hardhatengineer #Pump #Inspection


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