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Title:2023 Toyota GR86 - 23 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW

Toyota GR86 or Mazda Miata? - Get your lids and eyewear here...20% off everything! Blenders Eyewear: Code: DOWNSHIFT Melin Headwear: The above links are affiliate links where Downshift will receive a kick-back from your order -- Follow Downshift to see what's coming next! FB: IG: TT: Website: -- Subie Things This is essentially a Subaru under the skin Much like the way the Supra is a BMW under the skin So there are several places there is still Subie stuff On the engine Door jambs on each side The key Trunk wiring harness (and more) Aero We mentioned the Supra a second ago and people get triggered by fake vents They’re all real here The date lists Birthday lists If you just can’t with facebook anymore, get an 86 Anniversary list Does your wife hate you once a year cuz you forget? Not if you own a 86 Roadside assist Here’s something no one has ever cared about or asked to see Hopefully you never need it BUT the icon is different the deeper you go Rear seats Literally no legroom But if you slide it forward you get food mats Are these part of the $180 mat charge?! Not much else to the back Same materials Isofix points Exhaust Speaking of things that are probably more than they’re worth This has upgraded 1700$ exhaust Sounds good, but lots of money Says GR on each side of the pipes Lord Doug didn’t even show you THAT The engine It’s a subaru engine that toyota has put their name on..literally The old engine was 2.0, now 2.4 boxer 228 hp now (about 25 more than before) 185 lbft - but importantly fixed the massive torque hole in the middle GR air filter….$75 Styling Most different from the BRZ in frowny grille Color: steel Baby supra running lights GR fender vent inserts $160….skip Black wing mirrors Molded in rear wheel fang Exaggerated ducktail for premium Rear end details Reverse camera in middle of trunklid Kinda like miata, bit not as bad Hidden trunk release in fake full width taillight Rear bumper applique $160 GR embossed…not subie Trunk Small opening Decent size tho Rear seats fold…really practical No spare, but you can get one on eBay (topher) Turn signal stalk Stupid return to middle design Steering wheel I think this is the exact same wheel as last gen But now with GR logo on bottom SUUUUPER skinny #nogirth Shift knob Upgraded GR shift knob $150 Wheels & tires 18 in gunmetal Michelin PS4 tires (great grip, kinda loud) The Premium package 31k versus 29k Pleather and alcantara seats Even headrest suede Heated seats Alcantara door upper Alcantara above cluster Who asked for this Full digital cluster Changes in track mode Graduating bar graph Infotainment Upgraded 8 in screen Other thna that pretty unremarkable Wired ACP & AA Reverse camera…that’s about it Center console buttons Traction off Or traction off but FAST Reorg cluster Lap timer Cupholders Where tf are they?! Hidden in the center cubby So nowhere to put your phone Start/Stop button GR logos everywhere But this one lights up Doesn’t pulse like some tho Rear view mirror The most simple/basic rear view mirror i’ve seen in years My 08 passat had a more robust mirror than this Thb i kinda like it Interior design Pretty similar to last gen A little ritzier but a lot of carry over Price 29k to start 31k for premium 34k as tested


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