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Title:Top 20 Carnivorous Plants That Eat Animals

Ultimate fact presents top 20 carnivorous plants that eat animals. They defy laws of nature, they are deadly plants, they will surprise you with the way they evolve to eat animals and survive in extreme habitats where other plants can’t grow. From the misty jungles of Asia to the summits of Venezuela you’ll find dangerous plants that are starved of nutrients ready to prey on animals. Here we present the top 20 carnivorous plants that eat animals. 1.The Venus fly trap Also known as Dionea muscipula, the Venus fly trap is among predatory plants that will eat you. It catches its prey mysteriously without special equipment. This green monster grows in the humid temperate climates on the Atlantic coast of the USA. 2.Cobra lily Like other carnivorous plant, it grows in places with very poor soil nutrients and other sustenance means. The cobra lily is actually a lily and not a cobra. Its name is derived from its snake-like appearance and the similarities don’t just end there, just like a snake it prefers its food living. 3.The sundew This European insectivorous plant is also known as drosera. There about 130 species of drosera known to science. It’s easily noticed during the summer thanks to its small white flowers growing on long flower stalks. It has hairy leaves that release liquid-like dangerous glue and digestive enzymes. 4.Water wheel plant This undoubtedly ruthless magnificent carnivorous aquatic plant uses a trap to eat small water vertebrates. The plants have six inches long free-floating stems and leave traps of about 2-3millimetres. The traps are attached to the air chamber of the stem which allows it to float. 5.Tropical pitcher From the nepenthene class, the tropical pitcher is among the different types of pitcher plants that create some of the largest carnivorous plants in the world. The giant pitcher inhabits the tropical forest in Malaysia, 6.Trumpet pitcher Surracenia is a plant that eats insects in a canning way. The plant’s leaves are covered with hairs that only allow insects to move in one direction. 7.Byblis The surface of its narrow long leaves has glands that produce sweet juice and digestive enzymes. Similar to other insect-eating plants, plant eating insects and small animals are trapped here. 8.Butterwort The plant absorbs the attained minerals and the leave unfolds waiting for new guests. There are about 80 species of these plants that eat insects in America Europe and Asia. 9.Brocchinia reducta Like many others on this list, Brochinia releases a sweet smell that is irresistible to an average bug and that’s how this dangerous plant ends the lives of insects in Venezuela, Columbia, and it has digestive enzymes associated with deadly plants that eat animals. 10.Roridula Native to South Africa, Roridula is a Simple carnivorous plant but with a twist. It has sticky leaves like the sundew but does not have digestive enzymes. The Roridula captures insects and leaves the task of digestion to Pameridea roridulae a bug species with which they have a symbiotic relationship. 13.Genlisea The underwater leaves that look like roots are long and pale. This poisonous plant also has another batch of normal-looking green leaves that sprout above the ground, and are used for photosynthesis. 14.The Moccasin plant Originally discovered in Southwest Australia, the moccasin plant has all the features of a plant that eats meat. It has a sweet scent that attracts insects luring them into its moccasin shaped pitchers where the unfortunate insect is slowly eaten and digested. 15. Dewy pine Just like other dangerous plants that can eat animals, its leaves are modified to trap prey. The mucilage covered leaves produce a sweet scent that attracts and traps its prey. The digestive enzymes then break down the insects, and the leaves absorb nutrients. 16. Heliamphora Though not commonly known, Heliamphora typically feeds like the trumpet pitcher; it’s just like the other giant plants that eat meat. 17. Yellow pitcher, Unlike other pitcher plants, the yellow pitcher is easily distinguished from its distinct yellow-green color. Owing to its tall size, the yellow pitcher is among the giant plants that eat insects. 20 Philcoxia minensis This poisonous plant with underwater leaves, about the size of spine heads, traps and digests its unsuspecting prey and uses the acquired nutrients as fertilizer to the soil. Which plant is the scariest? Have you ever seen any of them in real life? Let us know in the comment section. #UltimateFact


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