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Title:Sabarmati River Cleanup: Cleantec Infra’s Trash Skimmer is transforming India’s water bodies

Send us your enquiries at Welcome to Cleantec Infra's Official YouTube Channel! 🌍 📌 About Us: Cleantec Infra Pvt. Ltd. specializes in mechanized cleaning solutions for the restoration of water bodies. We work closely with government clients to address various environmental challenges. 🔗 Learn More: With a commitment to utilizing best-in-class technology from around the world, we offer a holistic package, encompassing operations and maintenance services. Want to get your rivers, lakes, ponds, canals, drains, beaches and roads cleaned? Visit our website for inquiries and more information: 📺 Explore Our Services: Don't forget to watch our videos to discover our comprehensive range of services, including: 🌱 Aquatic Weed Removal: Reclaiming water bodies from weed overgrowth. 🌊 Floating Trash Collection: Safeguarding rivers from pollution. 🏞️ Desilting and Sludge Removal: Ensuring free-flowing canals and drains. ⛑️ Corrective Dredging: Fortifying rivers against floods. 🏖️ Beach Cleaning: Reviving beaches to their pristine state. 🛣️ Road Sweeping: Paving the way for cleaner streets. 🌱 Bio/Phyto Remediation: Harnessing nature to cleanse water. 📲 Connect With Us: SUBSCRIBE to our channel and stay updated on our latest projects, innovations, and initiatives. If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to us through our website Thank you for supporting our mission to create cleaner and greener environments. Join us in our journey toward a sustainable future! #CleantecInfra #CleanerWaterBodies #EnvironmentalRestoration


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