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Title:The INSANE BENEFITS Of Fasting For Weight Loss & PREVENTING Disease! | Dr. Jason Fung

Restart Your Life in 7 Days Click here to download your FREE guide to 100x YOUR EFFICIENCY IN 10 EASY STEPS: On Today's Episode: Not understanding hormones and calories is leading more of us to metabolic problems than a little bit. Unfortunately, losing weight and having healthier blood glucose levels isn’t as simple as eating less and restricting calories. To make matters worse, fasting, although a popular method of weight loss and health, is a lot more complicated than not eating. In this we have experts such as Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Alan Goldhamer, and Mike Mutzel sharing their insights and research on how to approach fasting for weight loss and improved metabolic health. Dr Jason Fung is a nephrologist and the co-founder of the Fasting Method program which has helped millions of people lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes. Unlike many nephrologists, Dr Fung supports and encourages the education of diabetes and weight loss being possible through intermittent fasting. He’s a NY Times bestselling author and respected voice on fasting, weight loss, nutrition, and type 2 diabetes. Dr. Alan Goldhamer is the founder of TrueNorth Health Center. His clinic focuses on healing patients through plant based vegan diets, and clinical fasting. Dr Goldhamer is also the author of The Pleasure Trap, Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness. Mike Mutzel is a functional medicine consultant in the natural product industry. He’s obsessed with evidence-based natural medicine and is the author of the Bell Fat Effect. Mike is also the founder of High Intensity Health. QUOTES: “It's not just about the calories, it’s about the hormones.” Dr. Jason Fung “You can’t burn body fat if insulin is high.” Dr Jason “If you fast and exercise you actually lose more weight but more of it is lean tissue. If you fast and rest you mobilize predominantly fat and specifically visceral fat.” Dr Alan Goldhamer “Drinking too much water can flush your electrolytes out and result in water intoxication.” Dr. Alan Goldhamer “I’m not really concerned about fat loss as the best proxy for health.” Mike Mutzel “Have the carbohydrate commence with the activity.” Mike Mutzel Follow Jason Fung: Website: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: Follow Dr. Alan Goldhamer: Website: Facebook: Follow Mike Mutzel: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


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