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Title:Manual install of hybrid extension in Adobe zxp package

ProSya’s products for AE and PPro involve effect files (.aex extension) packaged as a hybrid extension into a .zxp package. Lets understand what this means. AEX An AEX file is a plug-in used by Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, which are professional video-editing applications. It stores content that extends the functionality of the After Effects application. AEX files are written in the C/C++ programming language. Hybrid extension Combines the action panels of Creative Cloud extensions with tight integration in the product. Hybrid extensions include both ordinary extensions and Creative Cloud extensions. ZXP A zip-based package format that can include a digital signature that identifies the extension’s publisher. You may try automated methods using ExManCmd, Anastasiy’s Extension Manager or ZXP Installer. If automated install does not work, try the manual installation detailed below. Download your extension (.zxp file) to your computer’s Downloads folder. Enter any passwords, or accept any notices your computer’s operating system presents. Install 7-zip or any similar unzip utility. Right Click on the .zxp and click 7-zip+Open Archive. Look for the WIN/ directory inside zxp when opened with 7-zip. ZXP file root Double-click on WIN/ directory to view the .aex file. Extract the .aex file into the Adobe mediacore Plug-ins folder. Copy the .aex plug-in to the mediacore directory - C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore If you prefer, you can create your own folders within the ‘Plug-ins’ folder in order to organize your files, however these folders will have no effect on how After Effects organizes your plug-ins within the program, it would only be for your own organizational needs on your file system. In the case of ProSya plug-ins, they will appear under the ProSya folder inside the ‘Effects’ menu or under the ‘Effect & Presets’ tab.


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