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Title:Ich koche jeden Tag Kohl mit Eiern so zum Frühstück, es schmeckt köstlich! # 250

I cook cabbage with eggs like this for breakfast every day, it tastes great! A simple breakfast recipe that everyone probably knows. But I would like to share my version of cooking cabbage and eggs. I supplement cabbage with eggs, I also add vegetables and cheese, but this is not necessary. Scrambled eggs with cabbage are a healthy, hassle-free breakfast. Just add eggs to the cabbage and breakfast is ready. Cheap and easy recipe. Simple and quick recipe. Recipe for delicious cabbage with eggs. If you have cabbage and eggs, make this delicious breakfast at home. Delicious recipe for scrambled eggs with cabbage. Ready in 10 minutes. Just cabbage and eggs. Simple healthy breakfast. A simple and easy egg breakfast recipe. Buy a knife with my channel logo "VR": 300g cabbage 1/2 lemon juice 1 tablespoon wine vinegar 1 teaspoon brown sugar Salt pepper oil for frying 4 eggs Onion oil for frying Sweet peppers tomato Salt pepper paprika sesame 50g cheese Bon appetit!👨‍🍳 Dear friends, many people asked in the comments where they could buy a knife like mine. Now you can do this by following the link: ❗The price of a knife has become more attractive❗ Buy a knife «VR»: Friends, if you liked the recipe, share this video with your friends on social networks.📢 Rate the video! This is nice and important for the development of the channel!👍 WRITE A COMMENT or put a smiley. I will be very happy for your support!! Subscribe to Many Recipes Recipes/featured Already following??? ▶▶ Turn on ringtone 🔔 You will receive new video notifications!! I hope you enjoyed the asmr sounds. Write to me about it!


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