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Title:This WordPress Plugin Makes 20+ Other Plugins Unnecessary 🤯😍

This FREE plugin is a must-have for every single WordPress User. These plugins make 20+ other WordPress plugins unnecessary and do not make your website slow at all. So get rid of tons of plugins and use the Admin and Site Enhancements plugins! Download the plugin: In this tutorial, I will cover all the options this WordPress plugin has to offer. To name a few: Adjust the order of your Admin MenuChange your login URL Activate Limit Login Attempts Replace Images Clean Up Your Top Bar and Dashboard Custom CSS For The Front End And Backend And the great thing is that the plugin is free! Here is an overview with timestamps 00:00 Intro 00:58 Download the Admin and Site Enhancement Plugin 02:00 Does This Plugin Make Your WordPress Website Slower? 02:57 Content Duplicator 03:24 Change The Pages And Posts Order 04:25 Replace Media 05:34 Restrict SVG Uploads Per User Role 05:55 Use External Plugins 06:15 Open All External Links In A New Tab 07:08 Auto-Publish Post with Missed Schedule Admin Interface 07:29 Clean Up The Admin Bar 08:28 Hide Admin Notices 09:11 Disable Dashboard Widgets 09:44 Hide The Admin Bar Per User Role 10:04 Make The Admin Menu Wider 10:26 Change The Order Of The Admin Menu 11:46 Enhance The List View Of Pages and Posts Log In | Log Out 12:21 Change The Login URL 13:01 Add Your Favicon To Your Login URL 13:16 Login / Log Out Menu Item 13:46 Add A Last Login Column 14:02 Redirect Page After Logging In 14:20 Redirect Page After Logging Out Custom Code 14:30 Custom CSS For The Backend 14:41 Custom CSS for The Frontend 15:01 Insert Custom Code In head, body, and footer area 15:23 Create Custom Body Classes Per Page 15:49 Manage Ads.txt 15:55 Manage Robot.txt Disable Components 16:00 Disable The (Gutenberg) Block Editor For Specific Post Types 16:46 Disable Block-Based Widget Settings 17:05 Disable Comments For Specific Post Types 17:25 Disable REST API 17:31 Disable Feeds 17:38 Disable All Updates 17:51 Disable Smaller Components To Speed Up Your Website Security 18:09 Limit Login Attempts 18:45 Obfuscate Author Slugs 19:09 Obfuscate Email Address 19:15 Disable XML-RPC Optimization 19:36 Image Upload Control 20:24 Reduce Revision Control 20:59 Heartbeat Control Utilities 22:00 Configure Your Email Account As Email Provider 22:21 Multiple User Roles 22:54 View Admin as Role 23:22 Password Protection 23:44 Redirect 404 pages 23:55 Display System Summary 24:27 Admin and Enhancements PRO


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