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Title:~Moana~Firebird Suite~

So normally when I write a new review I make a crack video to go along with it. This time I decided to do something a little different. While putting together the crack for Moana I touched upon syncing two parts of the climax with the music of Firebird Suite from Fantasia 2000. It's easy to draw a lot of parallels between certain characters, musical moments and plot points of Moana to other Disney movies but contrary to belief, I don't think that's laziness on the part of the story artists and animators at Disney Animation; I think it speaks to how some of us are such Disney-philes that we can make the connections, deliberate or not. One thing that struck me when I saw Moana in theaters was how much Te Fiti/Te Ka reminded me of the Firebird and Spring Sprite, how one is a mass of rage and fire and destruction incarnate and the other is, well, a giant green nature spirit that thrives on creation and beauty, and how the death of one leads to the birth of the other. The music for them both fit all too well. These would have been two separate parts of the crack video, but in the end both were so good that I had trouble making them fit between random silly segments and decided to combine them into one video. As for the crack, as much as I'm sure some of you might have been looking forward to it, I really wanted to save my ideas for the next DRC (I had the same issue when doing the crack for Peter Pan). Sorry. If you want to read my review of Moana, click here: And if you've been kind enough to read all this, I'll reward you with this interesting tidbit: making sure this video worked well meant a lot to me because the latter half, where Moana discovers Te Ka and Te Fiti are one and the same and does that amazing beautiful slo-mo walk towards her, facing this force of volcanic fury with nothing but compassion and understanding? That has become my favorite movie scene of all time. It is too beautiful for words. So I'll let the video itself do the talking for me. Enjoy!


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