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Title:How to make Compost - The Simplest Easy Method To Compost Piles!

Complete guide start to finish on composting. This is the most basic and simple way to compost. In this video you will learn: - Benefits of Compost on soil / plants - What items you can compost - What you shouldn't compost - How to build a compost pile - How long it takes a compost pile to break down I don't overcomplicate anything here. It is just what to do and how to do it. I've been composting for about 5 years, and make 4-6 large piles every year. *NOTE* - I didn't think I needed to say this in the video, but any sawdust you use should come only from unfinished, air-dried or kiln-dried wood. Do not use sawdust from plywood, mdf, osb, particle board....etc. Only natural wood! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments. Support our work by: CLICK the "THANKS" button under the video to make a donation. BECOME A PATRON: For a detailed article / quick reference guide for the information presented in this video, click below & save it to your favorites: Regarding using cardboard in the compost pile, this article details if it is safe, organic, etc. List of 101 items you can compost How hot does compost need to get to kill weed seeds - To learn how to use Compost to naturally fertilize your lawn - My DIY Tomato Cages - low cost, strong, sturdy, and they store better than conventional cages Here is the equivalent sized garden fork used in the video: (affiliate link) The infrared thermometer I use - (affiliate link) See our collection of videos on how to improve your garden - #compost #composting CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE: JOIN OUR FACEBOOK GROUP: JOIN OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER: PURCHASE SEEDS FOR MANY OF THE FLOWERS WE REFERENCE: (affiliate link) SHOP OUR RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS PAGE: CHECK OUT OUR BLOGGING & YOUTUBE TIPS HERE: Shop our ETSY where you can buy instant digital downloads of select photos we have taken:


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