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Title:Play Rhythm Like Hendrix in 15 Minutes - Guitar Lesson - Tips And Tricks To Sound Like Jimi

Check out Hendrix Unleashed The Complete Guide To Playing In The Style Of Hendrix Here: In this lesson we go over some of the ways to sound like Jimi. Hendrix was not only an incredible lead player but also an absolute monster at rhythm. This video goes over the concept of how to get that Little Wing and Bold As Love style of rhythm sound. While it could take a lifetime to fully cop Hendrix's style in the next 15 minutes you will be on your way! Hope you like it! Catch ya next time! Want to kick your playing up a notch? Check out the website and take your playing from copying other people's licks to creating your own! ----- Get your totally FREE copy of my course Fretboard Command and own the fretboard: --------- Looking for more free in depth instruction? Check out the videos below where I cover everything from acoustic strumming to how master your fretboard in the major and minor pentatonic soloing series. Interested in learning how to solo better? Want to understand how and why your favorite artists solos sound so good? Click on one of the free video series below. Major Pentatonic: Minor Pentatonic: Want to tighten up your acoustic strumming and rhythm guitar playing check out the strumming tutorial here: Want a couple of drum tracks to practice your rhythm or soloing? Click on the links below: Want to kick your playing up a notch and go from copying other people’s licks to creating your own? Click the link below! ------------- Check out the gear: ------------- -Pedals Fulltone Fulldrive V2: Xotic RC Booster: Rockett Audio Dude Pedal V2: Rockett Audio Archer: Sabbadius Funky Vibe: Drybell Vibe Machine: Greer Amps Southland: Strymon El Capistan: Strymon Lex: Vertex Dynamic Distortion: MXR Gypsy Fuzz: Way Huge Echo-Puss: More pedals Listed on the website: -Recording M-Audio BX5 Studio Monitors: Universal Audio Apollo Twin (Quad): Universal Audio Apollo x8: Universal Audio OX: -Camera and filming Gear Canon EOS R- Canon RF 24-70 lens- Zoom F8- Sennheiser Shotgun mic- Sennheiser Wireless Lav Mic- Apature Lights- -Guitars Martin Acoustic: Nash Guitars Visit Chicago Music Exchange: -Amps Friedman Small Box: Divided by 13: Follow me on social media here: Instagram: Facebook:


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