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Title:Old School Runescape Conspiracy Iceberg | *COGNITO HAZARD*

My Old School Runescape Conspiracy Iceberg covers all 8 tiers of an iceberg I made, using theories from around the internet, along with some of my own. This was my first runescape video ever, and it took me over a month to plan, research, write, record, and edit. Be gentle. Links mentioned in the video: Inaccessible areas: Secret Usernames: Birds: Tool Leprechaun: Actual complaint: Footage Used: Rabbit Realm: T-Bow Glitch: Falador Massacre: Morytania Eyes: Slayermusiq1 quest guides: Duplication Glitch: Non-game music from Bluemount Score, AlexisOrtizSofield, -DreamJer-, Reverie-Now, Markforest, JuliusH, danydory on Pixabay OSRS Conspiracy Iceberg Full-Size Image: Theories I cover in this video: Mass Botting in OSRS RWT Epidemic Venezuelans Streamer Favoritism from Jagex Ardougne Fake Plague Failed Skills in the Game Mod Flipping/Merching Cold War Quest Unfinished "Banked 580" Jar Easter Eggs Rabbit Realm Inaccessible Areas in Gielinor Falador Massacre Blacked Out Areas / World Edge Twisted Bow Spawn Glitch Secret RSNs GP Duplication Glitch Norse Code Secret Messages Bournos Scam Frank the Bloodveld Gielinor Anagram for Religion Tarn's Lair Drop Table Jagex Buys/Sells Gold Itswill Secret Identity Coxie's Forehead Tattoo Runescape Birds OSRS Scale Theory Trojan Cow Wintertodt's True Form 4th Wall Breaking NPCs Varrocks Funds Dark Wizards Thordur's True Height TzHaar Life Cycle Zanaris is the Moon Muting 1st Amendment Claim Ultra-Growth Potion Wilderness Metal Ship and Volcano Bonzara's Agenda Glough is Glouphire Runescape used for Money Laundering Bugged Drystreaks Arceuus Library Jail Aliens in Gielinor Human Children NPCs Secret Page of Kharedst's Memoirs Abyssal Area is Underworld Runefest Stunt Doubles Eyes of Morytania Mysterious Stranger's Plans Odd Old Man Sarachnis is not a spider Dark Altar is Alive Runescape .nyc Tool Leprechaun God is an ironman


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