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Title:Which Bricks Add-Ons? Part 1: Frameworks & Templates

*PDF CHEATSHEET* All the recommended add-ons that I cover across this series, with bullet-point reminders of the pros and cons of each: *PART TWO:* Coming soon. Subscribe to be notified: *TAKE MY FREE ON-DEMAND BRICKS MASTERCLASS* 3 Reasons Bricks Will Level Up Your Web Design Workflow: *PART ONE ADD-ONS:* 0:00 Intro _CSS FRAMEWORKS_ 2:30 What's a framework? Why use one? 6:06 ACSS - 8:20 Core Framework - _TEMPLATE LIBRARIES_ 13:16 Why use a template library? What makes a good one? 15:40 Frames - 25:52 Brixies - 31:33 Bricksmaven - Corrections: 10:02 Core Framework also has a plugin for managing your framework within WP. 11:55 If you use the CF WP plugin, no CSS copy/paste required. Sridhar Katakam's Bricks Links: --- If you're new to Bricks, you're probably a bit confused and overwhelmed by the huge range of add-ons you see everyone talking about. So in this two-part series, I'll help you understand what's out there in the world of Bricks add-ons. Think of it like an overview map of the Bricks add-ons landscape. I break the add-ons down into logical categories and then for each category, I'll explain what the add-ons are, what they do and why you might want to use them. This isn't a comprehensive list of EVERY Bricks add-on. Go here for that: I'm actually going to be highly selective, picking just the ones that I think are quality and are well worth your while.


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