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Title:Aladdin Korean colouring book order plus flips! | Adult Colouring

Disclaimer: All content on my channel is intended for adults. I did a thing. :) Thank you so much to Shelly (@shelscolouringjourney ) for introducing us to the Aladdin online store and for helping us to understand how to order Korean colouring books from them! Links to Shelly’s videos on how to order: Link to each of the books shown in the video: *Coloring Book of the Four Seasons by Aeppol *Nostalgia by Green Ivy (softcover version): *Nostalgia by Green Ivy (hardcover version – says it’s printed with “thick watercolor paper” but it also calls it “Western paper” – I’m not sure what that means): *Cats’ Autumn Picnic Coloring Book by Jeon Jeon-jin: *Spring Sunshine Coloring Book by Jeon Jeon-jin: *Midwinter Sunshine Coloring Book by Jeon Jeon-jin: *Momoro’s Coloring Book by Momoro (actually a Japanese author/artist): *Drawing the Four Seasons by Jo Jung-eun (says it’s printed on watercolour paper but I’m not sure if it’s actual, sized watercolour paper or not): Time stamps 4:06 Aeppol flip-thru 21:47 Green Ivy’s Nostalgia (more a comparison between the softcover and hardcover books) 26:47 Introducing the series “The more you color, the happier you become.” By Jeon Jeon-jin 28:03 Cat’s Autumn Picnic Coloring Book 34:23 Spring Sunshine Coloring Book 41:02 Midwinter Sunshine Coloring Book 51:36 Momoro’s Coloring Book 1:03:57 Drawing the Four Seasons by Jo Jung-eun If anyone has any questions about anything they see in the video or would just like to say hello, please pop down to the comment section below! Thank you for watching! Keep calm and colour on! :) Connie #adultcoloringchannel


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