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Title:Germany’s Leopard 2 vs Russia’s T 90 Tank - Ready for final showdown?

► Subscribe to Grid 88: Germany’s Leopard 2 vs Russia’s T-90 Tank - Ready for final showdown? Lately, the two heavyweights in the tank world have dominated the scene with their impressive performance and fearsome reputation - Germany’s Leopard 2 and Russia's T-90.   Germany's Leopard 2 is a testament to German engineering and innovation as the tank was designed to conquer the demands of modern warfare with its state-of-the-art fire control system, sensors, all-welded turret, and composite armor. The Leopard 2 was first introduced in 1979 as the successor to the legendary Leopard 1. And since then, approximately 3,600 units of different variants have been built. As of today, the per unit cost of the latest variant is up to 15 million Euros. The tank is operated by a crew of 4. It measures 36ft in length, 13ft in width, and stands at a height of 8.7ft. Russia’s T-90’s inception in 1992, around 3,200 units of different variants have been produced. This mighty machine is operated by a crew of three. The latest variant T-90MS weighs around 53tons and comes with inflation-adjusted cost of $5.5 million. The tank measures 32ft in length, 13ft in width, and 7ft in height.  The Leopard is powered by a 12-cylinder diesel engine producing a massive 1,500hp, which can push it to a maximum speed of 43mph. The tank is a behemoth on the battlefield, weighing in at a staggering 69tons, and has a power-to-weight ratio of 22 hp/ton. It boasts four fuel tanks with a combined capacity of 317 gallons, providing a maximum operational range of 280mi.  On the other hand, Russia’s T-90 is powered by a multi-fuel engine generating up to 1,130hp, propelling it to a top speed of 37mph. The combat-ready weight of the tank is around 53tons with power to weight ratio of 21hp/ton. The T-90 has a remarkable operational range of 342mi, making it a versatile machine that can go far.  The Leopard 2 tank is equipped with thermal optics, image fusion system, fiber-optic gyros, laser range-finder, and cutting-edge fire control system. Whereas T-90 is locked and loaded with the latest automatic fire control system and infrared night optics. The German tank is armed with a formidable 120mm smoothbore gun, capable of firing a variety of ammunition, as well as cutting-edge programmable high explosive rounds. The primary gun can also shoot guided missiles with a range of up to 3.7mi. The loader can engage ground targets with 7.62mm machine gun mounted coaxially with the main gun. On the other side, the T-90 is armed with a 125mm smoothbore gun. This gun can engage a target with standard ammunition from a distance of 1.6mi. While anti-tank guided missiles can destroy a target as far as 3.7mi. For engaging infantry or light vehicles, the gunner has access to a 7.62mm machine gun, mounted next to the main gun. The T-90 can unleash its fury on any airborne threat with the help of 12.7mm turret-mounted machine gun. Watch the video for both tank’s Survivability and comprehensive conclusion. 00:00 Intro 00:43 Overview 03:18 Mobility 04:14 Sensors 04:55 Firepower 06:28 Survivability 07:22 Conclusion FOLLOW us on Social Media: ► Facebook: ► Twitter: ► Become a Patreon: Playlists ► Military, Army, Navy & Air force ►US Army ►Tanks ► SUBSCRIBE so you never miss another video: Credits 1)Bundeswehr 2)Минобороны России All content on Grid 88 is presented for only educational purposes. The appearance of Bundeswehr and Минобороны России don’t imply or constitute the respective entities or this channel’s endorsement. #Leopard2 #T90 #Tank


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