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Title:Camtasia 2019 training-Add animated annotations to your videos- #camtasia #screencast

This video tutorial is about Camtasia 2019. This video shows you how to add annotations to your videos and then animate them. Learn to use the behaviour settings to try different animations. They can all be updated very simply. This is a quick, clear video about adding annotations to the screen, adding an animation to the annotation and working with the settings to change the behaviour. 00:00 Animated Annotations- Introduction 00:23 Annotations, the arrow 02:35 The behaviours, Jump and fall 03:17 Thanks for watching There are tricks that you can use to animate your final Camtasia produced videos. In this example, I am creating a tutorial about using an English language learning website. If you are familiar already with doing a screen capture, then take it to the next level by using a directional red arrow annotation. This kind of animation is one I frequently use in Camtasia. The object appears and disappears but you can make this more interesting by adding a sliding behaviour to the object, in this case a directional arrow. You can change animations settings on the right hand editing pane. You can change the behaviour of your animation after adding it. You can edit the object to come in from different parts of the canvas in Camtasia. A different example of adding a behaviour is the ‘jump and fall’ one. You can add the best behaviour for different kinds of annotations using Camtasia 2019. You can get viewers to focus not only on parts of the canvas, but also draw attention to a website, or you might invite viewers to pause the video. This is particularly useful if you were making a video lesson for learners to watch asynchronously, and then test them by asking them to pause a video before playing some answers, when you are not present. Russell Stannard runs Teacher training Videos and is a recommended trainer for Techsmith in the United Kingdom. He has been using Camtasia since 2005.


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