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Title:WAKENER | Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror Journey | Sci-Fi Short Film
Source:Youtube Venture into a realm where cosmic horror meets visionary storytelling as acclaimed writer/director Anthony Ferraro pays homage to the enigmatic world of H.P. Lovecraft with his latest sci-fi short film: "Wakener." "BEWARE WHAT CASTS THE SHADOW CALLED OUTER SPACE" Wakener is a Sci-Fi Horror film that follows a broken and haunted ship technician and a young, honorable military officer. Their paths collide when a ghost ship powered by tech outlawed centuries ago mysteriously appears at Point Station. The station's chief officer orders the ship secretly investigated for nefarious reasons. As a result, the Technician and Officer are compelled to fulfill an ancient and catastrophic destiny. WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY ANTHONY FERRARO STARRING RHOMEYN JOHNSON NIMO PURCELL FEATURING SAPNA GANDHI ANTHONY DI PETRO AND JONATHAN CASTILE CINEMATOGRAPHER JON SCHWEIGART ORIGINAL SCORE MATTHEW PATTERSON CURRY OLIVER CHAPOY SOUND DESIGN MARTIN CARRILLO VISUAL EFFECTS JAMES BONNER CLINT CARNEY PRODUCERS CLINT CARNEY ERIC MICHAEL KOCHMER ANTHONY FERRARO KEY MAKEUP KRISTEN PICKRELL STATION EXTRAS JULIA HORVATH & JOSH GIBSON GAFFER JAKE MACPHERSON FIRST AC NOAH FRASSETTO SOUND RECORDIST ALEX ANIKIN & ALEKSII LAPTEV SCRIPT SUPERVISOR CHRISTINA GRAY & JULIA HORVATH PRODUCTION DESIGNER ANTHONY FERRARO CREATURE CREATION JAMES BONNER SPACE SHIP MODELS MUKLIS SADEWO COSTUME & PROPS ANTHONY FERRARO OFFICER ONI BODY ARMOR JIM LOGAN KEY PRODUCTION ASSISTANT JULIA HORVATH PRODUCTION ASSISTANT JOSH GIBSON CATERER IT CATERING BTS PHOTOGRAPHER ROSS KOLTON LOCATION JLFX STUDIOS, BURBANK CA ________________________________________________________________ ⏩⏩⏩ PLAYLIST OF ALL WAKENER MAKING OF VIDEOS: ________________________________________________________________ ⏩⏩⏩ T-SHIRTS & HATS: WAKENER is a Create Sci-Fi Project @createscifi Written, Directed & Edited: Anthony Ferraro ►►►BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO THE CREATE SCI-FI CHANNEL: ► WEBSITE: ► FACEBOOK: ► INSTAGRAM: ► YOUTUBE: Please like and subscribe for more videos! ►BLOG: ►NEWSLETTER:


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