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Title:Is One Nation, One Election a DISASTER or MIRACLE for India? : Political strategy decoded

⭐️ Think School’s flagship Communication course with an exclusive workshop on Chat GPT included: VIDEO INTRODUCTION : On 1st of September 2023, a committee headed by the former president Ram Nath Kovind explored the possibility of something called "one nation, one election" in India. and ever since this thing has come out in public, political parties all across the country have been fuming with anger!! Rahul Gandhi is calling an attack on the Indian union, Kejriwal has bashed this move and even DMK is opposing this idea!!! and while all this is happening Amit Shah has been named as one of the panel members to work on this one nation one election initiative!! So with the general election of 2024 closer than ever, on one side while it is being hailed as a revolutionary policy on the other side, it's being criticised as the abuse of power and a BJP's secret instrument to win the 2024 elections!! and as usual, our media channels are debating on useless matters instead of explaining the logic of the subject!!  So in this episode today, let's cut through the bullshit and try to understand, What is this one nation one election initiative? Why is it considered to be a revolutionary concept by some parties?  Why is it considered to be a terrible concept by other parties? and most importantly, what are the study materials to help you understand the One Nation One Election idea better? Think School is a Digital School that we all deserved, but never had ►►Check out Think School's Online courses: ⬇️Our Top 2022 Playlist Geopolitics: India is Trapping China - Oil Giants Crushing Europe - Israel’s Secret Strategies - China vs India Military Strategy in Ladakh - Upcoming US Recession Affects Indian Economy - Best of Business: 1. Asian paints - 2. Amul - 3. Haldiram - 4. Malboro - 5. Lijjat Papad - ►Books Everyone should read: 1. Sapiens: 2.Jab Jab Jab Right Hook: 3.Presuasion: 4.Start with why: 5. Culture code: 6. Hooked: 7. I will teach you to be rich: 8. From Third world to First: 9. This is Marketing: 🎧 Want to buy the equipment we use? 1. Our Laptop: 2. Our Mic: 3. Camera Stand: 4. Mobile holder for stand: 5. Laptop: ✅Study Materials: IDFC references ✅To support our work you can donate here: #onenationoneelection #thinkschool #businesscasestudy #geopolitics


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