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Title:32 Hours on World's Best Luxury Train | The Orient Express

Use code trektrendy at the link below to get an exclusive 60% off an annual Incogni plan: Today I’m taking the world’s best train, the Venice Simplon Orient Express for 32 hours from Prague all the way to London. Tickets onboard this train are in excess of $28,000 for one night, so let’s find out what exactly that gets you. I’ll show you what the dining is like in the multiple restaurants onboard, a full tour of the various amenities such as the lounge car and of course look around the different First Class accommodation. From the Grand Suite which we’re booked into, to the new Suites and the Historic cabins. I’ll explain whether this is indeed the world’s best overnight train despite being the most expensive!? For the final part we'll cross the channel tunnel into the England connecting to the British Pullman, and enjoy afternoon tea in a carriage designed by Wes Anderson. As usual I paid myself for this trip with no involvement from Belmond, however the circumstances for which I’m onboard is not exactly normal (as a result of delays to my Istanbul trip last summer). Full details and breakdown as usual in the video. 0:00 - Intro 3:33 - My Grand Suite 9:31 - Dinner 14:46 - Paris 20:23 - British Pullman 24:30 - Cost


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